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Eating Less may extend your lifespan....article

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  • Eating Less may extend your lifespan....article

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    Yeah, this was a thread here a few weeks back.

    The NYT had just done a story, I'm going to guess the same background as your link.

    Even after following the chimps for up to 20 years, they are unable to say with certainty that a low calorie diet adds years.

    And the chimps on the restricted diet were far less happy, far more aggressive.

    That's a life?


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      I just saw an episode of "My Life in Food" that highlighted this. It centered on a couple. The husband was DEFINITELY on this bandwagon, skinny dude, looked like the wind was going to take him away. The wife, who the interview centered on, kept going on and on about Calorie Restriction (CR), and how it is a part of her life and blah blah blah. The best part was, she said that she takes in about 1600 calories a day. Huh? Hate to tell you this missy, but at 5'2", that's maintenance. The only thing she was restricting was her husband's access to food.


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        ...whereas I, at 5'3", eat 2000-2500 calories per day. I'm very lean (19.5 BMI) and strong (lots of bodyweight and interval training plus extensive "lifestyle" movement).

        I sometimes wonder if I ought to eat less, but I'm maintaining with ease and tend to lose both endurance and explosive strength if I restrict calories.

        I figure it's the marcros that are key. Typical for me:

        50-60% fat

        20% protein

        20-30% carbs (150g or less/day unless I do a long run, in which case I bump up to 200g for the day)

        Anybody else eat a LOT for their size and do well with it? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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          From what I've read, alternate day fasting with no caloric restriction gives you all the benefits (and more) of steady state caloric restriction. Especially since the caloric restriction nuts are generally antioxidant fetishists who eat nothing but berries all day long, and tend to be raw/vegan too.