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Nutrition and Sun Protection

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  • Nutrition and Sun Protection

    I read this article relating to nutrition and sun protective nature of the Mediterranean Diet. I think it supplements ideas on the sun protective nature of the Primal Diet. The importance of colorful fruits and vegetables. Emphasis on omega-3 in the diet. To quote the article, "the effects of dietary aspects characteristic of the Mediterranean diet on the incidence of cutaneous melanoma, a protective effect was found for the following key features: weekly consumption of fish and shellfish (including fish rich in n-3 PUFAs), daily drinking of tea, high intakes of vegetables (particularly carrots and cruciferous and leafy vegetables) and fruits (particular citrus), high intakes of carotenoids, and low alcohol consumption.

    The link to the article:

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    Good. I hope I am covered with the fish oil I take, and the veggies I eat. I love carrots, and those are a regular part of my diet.


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      I've been working as a contractor here in Baghdad for about 3 years now. Since going primal, I haven't had a single sunburn, and I no longer wear sunscreen...we had a softtball doubleheader a few Sundays ago - one at noon, one at 1pm. Shorts, TShirt, hat, sunglasses, sneakers - no sunscreen. 3 hours in the sun, with no sunscreen, and no sunburn. Temp that day - 117 degrees Farenheit. GROK ON!
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        I eat almost 100% primal, and I got sunburned on Saturday while floating around in the pool. I was out there for about an hour, and it was over 100 degrees, so it was expected. For me, PB does not protect my skin.


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          The higher amounts of fat I eat, the less I burn.