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Distraction and internet addiction

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  • Distraction and internet addiction

    I've always had trouble staying focused. The only time I can really focus well is if I have a passion for the subject and am currently obsessed about a feature of it. I was wondering if there are ways of improving focus, both food and techniques, and how to overcome internet addiction. I get distracted very easily by the internet which is preventing me from progressing on art projects. These projects are for a demo reel which will hopefully land me my next full time job. I hope I can get it done in under 6 months, but even that will be hard with my current lack of focus.
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    No suggestions for quick mediations or something to focus the mind from an overactive mind?
    My journal where I attempt to overcome Chrohns and make good food as well


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      I think what works & what doesn't is an individual thing. What's helped me - when I remember to use them -

      Simpleology 101 (Yes, it's a commitment to do the free course and they would like to sell you other things, but this is really good stuff.)

      This simple 'Focus Booster' Pomodoro timer: . If you can only concentrate for 5 minutes at a time, then just set it for 5 minutes and a 2 minute break or something. You can increase the length of focussed time gradually to the 25 minute mark.

      Oh, and enough Vitamin D.


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        Cut out all caffeine. Keep your sugars really low. You might need more protein than other people to help with the focus. Exercise regularly.

        Do you have joy in your art? If not, why not? Getting a job isn't a good motivation to do something artistic. Art should involve passion -- what about this project interested you in the first place? What's driving you? I know I'm working on the right project when I find myself thinking, "Ohh! I get to write tonight!" Instead of it always involving discipline.
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          meditation is basically the practice of concentration (and some other things). i don't think concentration is a unique talent: to become good at it simply requires practice.

          i consider meditation also to be the practice of dropping thoughts from your mind. this is useful, as when you find yourself distracted during the day (enabled by a general self-consciousness, which meditation also aides), you calmly drop the deviant thoughts or actions, recall what you were doing prior to deviation, and revert to that state. repeating this simple process enough times, i think eventually your mind will tend to stick on topic, or at least returning to the topic would be made easier/quicker.

          there's plenty of info out there on the subject on google

          the human brain literally is wired to get hits of pleasure from new information. information in our ancestral environment was scarce and extremely valuable. information today is massively abundant and often devoid of value (from both a subjective and objective perspective). to top it off, many modern internet things are tailored to exploit the brain's penchant and yearning for new information.. twitter, blogs, subscriptions, youtube in some ways, etc..

          try to realize, with an internet addiction, you're usually not actually striving after anything of much value or worth.. rather just striving for that sense of pleasure derived. then realize you can get pleasure in more wholesome, efficient ways. then go take a walk outside or something and enjoy the scenery .


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            I have a ton of passion for sculpting in 3d digitally. The problem is starting and not getting distracted by the internet. Once I do sculpt I get very relaxed and its a different mental state. Can't quite describe it. Although I can still be overcome by distractions such as music, or urges to go on the internet. Its better when you can turn off the connection, but I often need to be online to find references. I'd like to either make game characters or sculpt toys, both involve this digital sculpting. In real life sculpting you need to worry about gravity, and maintaining symmetry during the inital sculpting phase. Its much more forgiving and allows more complex shapes and materials than real life materials.
            My journal where I attempt to overcome Chrohns and make good food as well


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              I totally understand the groove. Nothing like it.

              Here are some things that help me with the writing.

              --I have a set writing time every night. Come hell or high water, my butt is in the chair and I write at that time. If I can't make that time (going out with friends, other plans, etc.) I make sure that I find time that day to do it.
              --I also have a set time to stop. On the nights when it's difficult, that set time to stop makes it easier (I only have to rewrite for 30 minutes, or I only have to write x number words.) When the words are flowing, I ignore the quitting time.
              --I have a timer program on my computer ( for the PC, dejal/timeout for the Mac) that locks up my computer every 55 minutes so I have to take a 5 minute break. I must work from break to break. (Sometimes I'll set the breaks for 30 minutes, then a 5 minute play time, then back to writing for 30 minutes. . . depends on the project.)
              --I have a daily writing goal. Because I still am a 12 year old girl on the inside, if I make that goal, I get a gold star sticker on my calendar. (I'm very serious. I love having gold stars.)
              --I also do "pushes" sometimes -- like a 100 day push or a 30 day push or something. Having that firm goal of time really helps me stay focused. A "write every day of the year" goal does nothing for me. "Write every day for the next 100 days" works.

              As I said before, these work for me. YMMV. Best of luck!
              If I don't live my dream, who will?


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                I was very similar. My concentration has started radically improving lately. The changes I made? Moving to a PB lifestyle (dramatically less sugars, no grains) has helped. On its own it wasn't enough. I recommend reading the UltraMind Solution, Mark Hyman - he's a doctor who's treated thousands of patients with ADD, depression, autism - basically most brain disfunctions (inability to concentrate certainly qualifies). Long story short, eating well + particular types of supplements for particular issues helps. A lot. His book will help you discover which supplements you may need. You can get the book from the library, or buy it from amazon for $15 or something. And he doesn't try to sell you anything more after that. In the meantime however, I highly recommend fish oil supplements (omega 3) and Vitamin D. I take more than that now, however I believe most everyone is deficient in those and could benefit from their supplementation.


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                  I would recommend meditation. Having strong focus is just being able to have a strong mind but with tv and the internet, our brain becomes weaker. I suugest Delivered from Distraction by John Ratey, then look up Daniel G. Amen.
                  I would listen to free3337, that poster is right on with his comments.


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                    get off this thread right now! i totally hear ya though and you just have to do it. no excuses, just do it. my goal is to stay off the computer for at least a week starting tomorrow. i haven't worked out or been enjoying the outdoors as much since i found this site:-( good luck and remember your priorities and stick to your goals, good luck strom;-)
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                      Can you meditate standing up? I've been reading Elaine Gotchale (sic can't spell now, brains fried from tabata sprints). The standing with proper posture is relaxing. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to work on my character due to time spent making meals for my family of 4. I do the cooking at home, since I'm trying to remain grain (well corn is still there occasionally) and dairy free for at least 6 weeks, as a elimination diet. And its summer, so that means lots of bbq sauce homemade, and smoking on the bbq grill. Quite time consuming and exhausting. I think one thing that would help is if I would stay awake after waking up at 7 or 9 am. I tend to fall back asleep since I'm unemployed, and don't have a real reason to be awake that early. My energy levels aren't entirely consistent yet, but that might go beyond the scope of this.
                      My journal where I attempt to overcome Chrohns and make good food as well


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                        exercise, ketosis but most imporantly....

                        Adderall or other stimulant med

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                          I recommend you read the book "Rapt": . Is not a book about "strategies" for becoming more focused, but rather about the importance of focus. Focus not only on school work, "doing well", etc but rather focus on the present, on what's going on right now, on what's "truly" important.


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                            If you use Firefox to browse the web search for the add-on "Leechblock" it works like websense. I only have facebook blocked. I have it blocked 24 hours a day with only Sunday available on my PC and on my laptop (which I use mostly) I have it only available between 10pm and 8am when I would logically not be looking to do too many "productive" things and would probably be sleeping anyway.

                            I can't yet comment on its effectiveness since I literally just installed it today but the few times I've tried to view FB, out of sheer habit, I've been like "d'oh!!" so I'm already getting off the habit of even trying to visit the page.

                            It's a great add-on, it's free and you can even make it so that you cannot unblock the page you're trying to visit during the times that you set up for it to be blocked... try putting all those time consuming sites to be blocked and only give yourself access for certain times/days/etc.
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                              Yeah I totally spend too much time on the internet when I could be spending my down time reading whole books and working on my writing and music. I have noticed that when I use the internet I get that attension deficient and can't get into the usual deep thought that it takes to create something really special. I just get distracted and can't finish that task that
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