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What kind of research should one do before adopting?

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  • What kind of research should one do before adopting?

    I've seen people go on and on abuot doing research before adopting. YEARS of research they say but what kind of things are they researching?

    The effects adoption has on children? Read any BJ Lifton? Primal Wound anyone? How to have an adoption that is ethical? What fees are actually appropriate and/or how to know your agency isn't fleecing you? Did anyone actually bother to research the beloved TAX CREDIT before taking it? Psychological aspects of adoption for adoptive parents because everybody knows that adoption doesn't actually cure infertility...right? Exactly what kind of research did you do?
    or is your research about something else?

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    I vote for weirdest post ever. OK, maybe not the very weirdest, but up there.


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      We should have a way that the admins could change someone's title from "Junior Member" to "Junior Spammer".


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        Well it took me about 4 months of hard study to learn what adoption was, so I could only assume that a few more years are adequate to know how to do it without it resulting in death or serious injury to oneself. It is like being an astronaut where you gave to do like practice missions before you do the real one. It looks hard but well worth it I'm sure. It is much more ethical than stealing another person's child to cook and eat.
        Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

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          Know what you mean. I like children, but I couldn't manage a whole one! ;-)


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            if it was coated in coconut and deepf fried i think I could finish one.
            If there was bacon mayo for dipping ofcourse