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n=1 experiment on Ω6

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  • n=1 experiment on Ω6

    via free the animal:

    30-Days of High Omega-6 Diet--Stiffens Arteries and Increases Belly Fat

    Bottom line: A daring journalist eats a high omega-6 diet for 30-days (think Super-Size Me), which results in stiffer arteries, lowered metabolism, and an increase in belly fat.

    Background: Journalist and author, Susan Allport, sold Oprah magazine on the idea of a “super-size me ” version of eating a high omega-6 fat diet for 30 days. Bravely, she offered to be the human guinea pig. What makes Susan particularly valiant is that she was well aware of the health hazards of eating a high omega-6 diet, as it was the subject of her book, Queen of Fats.

    Although Susan willingly subjected her body to a daily dietary omega-6 bombardment for 30-days and chronicled her omega odyssey, Oprah magazine decided not to publish it. Susan got paid for her efforts—but that wasn’t the point. Susan wanted to raise awareness of the harmful health effects of eating excess omega-6 fats, and so she approached me with her story.

    Results: The results were surprising for only a 30-day evaluation. Susan’s weight remained unchanged. But there were dramatic changes in her blood fatty acid composition, body fat, arterial function, and body mass composition. During the 30-day period, omega-6 fatty acid was significantly increased, while omega-3 fatty acid content was decreased.

    apologies if this was already linked somewhere.

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    She is a brave lady....eekyikes.


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      I have been thinking about doing a short experiment. An experiment where I go back to my old ways for 2 days or up to one week. This would be me eating cereal 4-5 days per week, a sandwhich for lunch everyday and then whatever my mom makes for dinner - anything from meat to fake meat to pasta, pizza, etc.

      I am not sure if I want to go through the pain though. I have been primal for 4 months and just never want to go back even for 1 full day!
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        Interesting info. Thanks for posting.
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          Good stuff. I love that site, they are right on.

          Now I would just like to see one where they consume that recommended omega 6 combined with just as much fish oil (so 16g of each) to demonstrate that amount of total PUFA matters as well as ratio.
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            I'm curious, what would be the best best to track one's personal omega 3/omega 6 intake? I do log my food everyday anyway (DailyPlate), so I guess I could go back and calculate for each serving of whatever?


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              Originally posted by Marisa View Post
              I'm curious, what would be the best best to track one's personal omega 3/omega 6 intake? I do log my food everyday anyway (DailyPlate), so I guess I could go back and calculate for each serving of whatever?
     is my favorite way.

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                I dunno, I find her approach to the O6 experiment rather limited. After all, it involved eating a lot of soybean, sunflower, safflower, etc. Rancid, processed, frankenfood.

                It would make more sense to try a few different versions of the 06 experiment. One based around the nasty vegetable oils, another based around "real food" 06 sources like nuts, avocado, etc., and a third including both groups.

                I suspect that, just like what the Kitavans have shown us when it comes to carbohydrates, the real danger lies in processed frankenfood.
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                  Originally posted by cillakat View Post
         is my favorite way.
                  This is why I love nutritondata... it gives you the 03 to 06 content!
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                    Ty for posting, great article