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Dr Eades on the China Study

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  • Dr Eades on the China Study

    I am just about to read this. I expect to see a great deal of junk science get a good kicking around (for a second time).

    EDIT: Its a good read and I really like Dr Eades style. He consider's the whole book a test in critical reading, and the study itself is pointless and self refuting.
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    Read it, loved it. I think I have a man crush on him.

    Hopefully there will be no more "China study, bitches!". If so I will have to retort "Protein power, bitches". Or perhaps "Paleo/primal diet, bitches". Or maybe just not call anyone bitches, no matter how much they deserve it.
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      Good read, thanks for posting!
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        The company I work for stocks a completely vegan kitchen with food that we can eat for free. The owner is a "China Study" fan boy and even hired a nutritionist doctor guy, to come give speeches to us (about veganism="the way" meat=toxic etc).

        It is very frustrating because there IS NO PROTEIN IN THE ENTIRE KITCHEN! The place is loaded with sugar and carbs! It's amazing how poorly you can eat as a vegan.

        I do get yummy avocados though so that's pretty nice!
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          Dr. Eades always has good stuff to write about. I enjoy reading his articles.
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            This is good information, but...

            I feel it is not even worth mentioning this book anymore, it is obviously bullshit. Maybe, we can consider putting more focus on Primal Living instead of trying to fight wars with vegans/vegetarians over some illusion of moral superiority or pissing match. Opposing these things just creates more force (Resistance and more Cortisol maybe), I am going to choose to focus on my body's health instead of worrying about non-integerous books like these or worrying about what Vegans do. You can educate others, but forcing ones views doesn't help anything. When people are open they will notice your results and inquire. Most people on this board already have bought into Primal/Paleo anyway. This is not directed at anyone in particular or this thread, just a trend I notice on this board(plus tons of blog) that I feel does not offer much value imho. /rant over