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  • Knee Pain

    I need advice. I'm getting back into primal after a little... vacation. I'm noticing a lot of pain in my knee joints that make stairs a bit daunting. I'm 60 so I expect a bit, but... any thoughts where it comes from? Arthritis runs in the family. Does eating a lot of meats and fats HELP or HINDER that condition?

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    I am in my late 30's, and started having some knee pain that my doctor thought was suggestive of bursitis. Within a month of going Primal, the pain completely resolved. Could be coincidence, but you never know. The point of avoiding grains is to reduce the inflammatory response the body has to them, which should help alleviate some joint pain.


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      I was speaking to my trainer this morning asking if he thought my resoved chronic pains were from weight loss or from PB. He said it is the lack of grains. & claims that grains are linked to arthritis. The conversation came about when my training partner (split train) was once again moaning about her knee & shoulder pain. Prior to that we were warming up with 1 mile run, & another women was with us. individually both were complaing about pains. when they were done complaining I jumped in with "I feel great" (i wasnt making friends) And yes I have a female training partner. Its very motovational. Especially now that im in better shape.
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        Also, consider that omega 6 fatty acids are the precursors for COX-1 and COX-2. Those are the inflammatory particles we take ibuprofen to block. So if we balance our omega-6 and omega-3, it is somewhat like taking ibuprofen all the time, only without the pesky kidney damage and ulcers.


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          [QUOTE=Bisous;166541] So if we balance our omega-6 and omega-3

          How the heck do you do that?... Take fish oil capsules? ...and how do you know what the right balance is?


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            My experience - I have been low carbing for about 7 years, and have had alot of joint pain in my past. It definetly runs in my family. I say lowcarbing because I am new to PB, but gave up grains a long time ago. I know that meats and fats have nothing to do with the joint pain. Grains, however, do. My diet has been mostly fat with protein taking a second seat. Anytime I have eaten any significant amount of carbs (aka a cheat) I have had painful joints. I hope that helps.


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              In addition to the grain issue, many folks notice a connection between eating nightshades (white potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, etc) and joint pain, along w/ arthritis. Some folks find their joint issues resolve when excluding or limiting these foods from their diet. Just a thought!

              And I personally feel lots of good quality meat and fat will help most anything, including this. I might also look into making bone broth for the health benefits, I've always found it to be helpful in lowering my own joint pain (along w/ yoga. I'm looking into the nightshade issue as well--slowly... I have a pepper passion...)
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                I was starting to experience pretty severe pain in both knees after my basketball leagues which I have been active in for a long time. I went primal a few months ago and the pain just slowly subsided on its own, and is pretty much completely gone now. I almost can't even believe its true