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fructose and blood pressure

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  • fructose and blood pressure

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    ???what is that?why?


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        Canada and the rest of the world have nothing to worry about then because they use sugar instead of HFCS.....but wait, sugar is half fructose as well....correlation studies to prove a point are useless...they need controlled studies that show HFCS has a mechanism that causes hypertention where sugar or orange juice for example does not. Dosage is another factor that generally gets overlooked and the negativity about HFCS is when unnatural amounts of HFCS are used in these studies........I hate sugar and think it's evil ,but trying to hang their results on HFCS is weak, as most of the studies's all refined sugar products that need to be eliminated, not just HFCS, I guess it makes people feel better when they can target a singular product and call it "the cause" imo
        Whether you think you can..... or you think you can't..... your 100 % correct.


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          I've been spreading this link around. It was a paradigm-changer for me about fructose and uric acid.

          Sure, sugar and fruit juice are both bad, and HFCS is worse.

          What this means for young people is that if they avoid fructose in most of its forms, except for the occasional piece of whole fruit, they can eat starch and be all right. The trouble is, once insulin resistance and Syndrome X are established, then starch gives insulin spikes even if fructose is avoided. <sigh> Wish I'd known all that as a kid.