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The Great Cholestrol Con

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  • The Great Cholestrol Con

    I'm almost done the Great Cholestrol Con by Malcom Kendric. There is another version of this by Anthony Kolpo, which I haven't read yet.

    I don't know how accurate he is, but his theory is interesting.

    HDL may not be as protective as you think. I believe it just takes cholesterol back to the liver to be processed. LDL takes the cholesterol and fats to the damaged site of the body. A higher presence of LDL seems to be protective, unless it has an extra protein on it. If your LDL drops too low, your more likely to die of a stroke or cancer.

    Stress according to him and eating while stressed may cause Cardiovascular Disease. When your stressed your parasympathetic nervous system (pns) is basically digesting and relaxing your body. The sympathetic nervous system (sns) controls fight or flight. These two systems work together complementary normally but can cause problems if the homeostasis is broken. When you eat the pns is mainly active. However if you eat and are stressed out (flight or flight response is using the sns) you have two opposing systems sending mixed signals. The signals control opposing hormones, one is insulin. And that's where I am in the book.
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    What causes CHD according to him is stress. Stress can be from nutritional, psychosocial, blood sugar, too much insulin, too much cortisol and much more. Arterial plaque itself can heal itself, via the progenitor cells created in the bone marrow. These cells cover the arterial plaque (which is really a scab on an injured artery). They then form the endothelial cells,, which effectively trap the plaque in the walls of the artery. This prevents the plaque from bursting and traveling down the artery and clotting a smaller blood vessel. Eventually this trapped plaque will disappear, like a scab does, but without clotting the artery. When you have dysfunction of the clotting mechanism, too much stress which in turn causes a HPA axis dysfunction. This is what causes the problems.

    One thing that I thought was really interesting, is when a person emigrates from his country to a new location, yet MAINTAINS his traditions, his risk for heart disease does not increase. It may even decrease. If he absorbs the local traditions and foods, he may be at a much higher risk for heart disease. Dislocation can cause heart disease rates to skyrocket, as well as cortisol. Too much cortisol and you get fatty deposits all over your torso area, which is more dangerous than just under your skin. And HDL and LDL (except for LDL with the extra protein, might be called type b or a, don't remember) really don't help determine your risk of dying from a heart disease as much as know how much stress you suffer.

    I didn't like how the author cited work (he often did not link to the article, or tell you to look it up on Pub Med). His jokes were hit or miss too, although I overall thought it added to the readability of the book. But I would recommend at least checking it out at a library or picking it up for 10 bucks online. Is it the truth, I dunno. However it does seem to make sense, so its good to know.
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      Try "The Cholesterol Hoax" by Dr. Sherri Rogers. Her chemistry and anatomy/physiology are right on. Her last chapter or two deal with macrobiotics, and that was where I stopped.
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