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Human skin pigmentation as an adaptation to UV radiation

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  • Human skin pigmentation as an adaptation to UV radiation

    Human skin pigmentation is the product of two clines produced by natural selection to adjust levels of constitutive pigmentation to levels of UV radiation (UVR). One cline was generated by high UVR near the equator and led to the evolution of dark, photoprotective, eumelanin-rich pigmentation. The other was produced by the requirement for UVB photons to sustain cutaneous photosynthesis of vitamin D3 in low-UVB environments, and resulted in the evolution of depigmented skin.


    You're going to love this article, Cillakat.
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    Originally posted by Sungrazer View Post
    You're going to love this article, Cillakat.
    I'm trying to love it. Really, I am And I've not doubt at some point, I'll looooove reading it.

    I've been given 13 new stroke articles to read including
    Thrombolytic Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke Beyond Three Hours (poorly worded title)
    Repurposing and Old Drug to Improve the use and Safety of tussue Plasminogen Activator for Acute Ischemic Stroke: Minocycline
    Effect of [Botox] motor imagery and motor observation on motor function of heriparetic upper limb after stroke
    Administration of a Sigma Receptor Agonist Delays MCAO_Induced Neurodegeneration and White Matter

    Really it's making me feel like my brain is Very Small and Very Overwhelmed. This is the most new information I've ever tried to grasp in such a short timeframe. And I'm supposed to be up on this by Tuesday for a lab meeting.

    The midwifery/obstetrics information was always so intuitive for me. It just....I just - I don't know. I just knew it. I'd read it and know it. The more technical vitamin D stuff is as complicated as this current crop but I worked on that knowledge over the course of, oh, SEVEN YEARS. Now I'm being slammed tons of new information every few days.

    This is what a first year med student must feel like .....but even moreso. *boggles*

    Someday I'll read the article. Thank you for posting it and for thinking of me

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