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Calcium needs in regards to Vitamin D

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  • Calcium needs in regards to Vitamin D

    I've said it before and am so glad I don't have to say it again. Davis is doing it for me Do not take 1000 mg of calcium if you're taking vitamin (supplements or sun) at optimal levels.

    "Some people who supplement this dose of calcium while also supplementing vitamin D sufficient to increase 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood levels to 60-70 ng/ml develop abnormally high levels of blood calcium, hypercalcemia.

    This makes sense when you realize that intestinal absorption of calcium doubles or quadruples when vitamin D approaches desirable levels. "

    "Until we have clarification on this issue, I have been advising patients to take no more than 600 mg calcium supplements per day. "

    I'd go so far as to say "take in no more than 600 mg calcium per day from all sources"

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    Yeah I read that yesterday; it's fantastic that someone is challenging this ridiculousness. Conventional wisdom gets EVERYTHING wrong which in turn fucks everything else up and then that fucks the original thing which fucks everything else again in a vicious cycle of death, doom and copulation. We don't need tons and tons of calcium as long as our vitamin d, magnesium, k, and other nutrients are good. The average calcium intake in east Asia is about 600mg a day but guess what? They get enough of all of these nutrients and there isn't anywhere near as much osteoporosis as in dairy consuming countries. Western nations cling to this idea of "dense" bones being the pinnacle of skeletal health but it's not necessarily how much calcium is in there but how well it is built and how little is lost that matters. Not that I think that some (raw) dairy is necessarily bad but once we're done growing it may not be a super ideas to go too hard on the calcium.
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      Yeah, very interesting. Just listening to Ron Rosedale too and he mentions that osteoporosis isn't due to a lack of calcium but has more to do with protein issues.

      Guess I'll be skipping the Boniva ::tongue inserted firmly in cheek::
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