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Electropollution can cause type 3 diabetes

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  • Electropollution can cause type 3 diabetes

    I wanted to get the MDA forums opinion on this article/study.

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    Heh. I saw a study where they exposed alzheimer rats to radiation that was the equivalent of talking on a cell phone for 3 hours a day. The older rats who had alzheimers already stopped getting worse, and some brain plaque regressed. The younger rats didn't develop alzheimers at all.


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      I'm a little skeptical of bias publications, as always. Does "Naturalnews" cover things that have been proven to be inconsequential to human health that all of the toxiphobes (and, well, anyone who uses the world "natural" or "toxin" more than a couple times a day) are always harping about? Dioxins in food or mercury in fish are good examples. And do they expose useless pseudo-science that can't be demonstrated to have any beneficial effect on health? Certainly not. That's not to say that nothing they have to offer is of merit, but I prefer to get my info from those not so firmly entrenched in one end of a false dichotomy.
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        Sounds like a snake oil pitch for emf filters.


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          Try googling type 3 diabetes. A bunch of completely different definitions by different "sources."