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  • workout routines in "I Work Out"

    I just finished watching this hilarious movie from Penn and Teller about the bottled water industry. The Truth About Bottled Water is a short documentary that reveals some of the ugly realities of an industry that has become a national obsession even though most people can't taste the difference between expensive bottled water and ordinary tap water.

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    I saw that video years ago. I loved how they filled a bunch of water bottles with fancy labels on them with the same tap water and had a taste test at an upscale restaurant.

    It was hilarious to watch people claim how much better one bottle of water was over another.

    I did the same experiment with my stepdaughter when she tried telling me that our tap water was bad and that she could only drink bottled water. I filled two empty bottles with tap water and told her one was tap and one was bottled water. She was certain that one tasted better than the other.

    Sad part was when she found out they were both tap water she immediately claimed they both tasted bad.