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  • So far, so good!

    Hi folks! I just wanted to say a few words about my self and give the honest scuttlebutt about my progress. My name is John, 48, 5'10' and weighed in this morning at 160.8 lbs.

    I've been doing the PBF program since mid February and have since lost 20 lbs! I only have 10 more lbs to go to reach my goal, but I really don't have a goal now. I'm just going to stick to this lifestyle and see where it takes me health-wise. I never was into sugary foods and always loved vegetables, so this diet is a cakewalk for me! The only thing that I think is slowing me down is my drinking. Yes, I and my wife like to wind down at night with a few drinks... sometimes more than a few. I know that's bad and I will try my best to slow down my alcohol intake. I think my weight reduction slowdown is because of what I started drinking again. The one crutch I'm dealing with is craft beer. I love a good strong IPA! These are terribly fattening and I'm going to do my best to ween my self from this habit. I now drink wine mostly at night, but I'm sure that there is still a high sugar content involved with wine.

    I'm not sure how to say what percentage primal I am, but I'm doing my best to eat local grass fed beef and free range/grass fed poultry, pork and lamb. I eat organic vegetables for the most part (sometimes I can't find certain things organic) and the only sugars I ingest come from berries or as stated above... wine and ale.

    I took a before pic and I will post it when I reach my goal weight. I'll post more pics further on my journey and I can't say how much I appreciate all of the positive attitudes and the tremendous support of everyone here! I'm so glad that I found MDA and all of the great folks on this forum!
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