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Success and failures - i need your help :(!

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  • Success and failures - i need your help :(!

    Hi everyone.
    I am a brand new poster here. Its funny because at my most primal i never posted. I am here for support.
    If i posted this in the wrong place, sorry!
    My primal journey started 7 years ago. After the birth of my first child i was overweigh and depressed 5'8 and 230 lbs. i started working out and joined livestrong, where i first found out about primal. I started right away and stuck with it throughout the next 5 years, getting down to 145 lbs and becoming a very well rounded athlete in the process (two a days, coaching and crossfit).
    When i started night shift i really lost my motivation, after the second year (2010). It was hard but i stayed primal the first two years. I had a health screening at my most primal - no sugar very healthy and active and all of my numbers were amazing except my 'bad cholesterol' was high.
    Them, in 2013 i experienced some personal hardships. My husband who was primal and i separated. The separation was hard and i took it bad. I was under lots of stress, my job is very demanding and i have two small children and i was cheated on which killed my self esteem. Pretty soon, i was smoking on night shift breaks to stay awake and eating fat and sugar like it was my job- i think i crashed my body on night shift - never seeing the sun, in WI...pretty soon i couldnt keep up with my lifting because i was so exhausted from 16 hour night shifts and the stress of my personal life. This led me down a path of failure and depression. Now i was taking anti histamines just to sleep because i had trouble sleeping during the day. I looked in the mirror- i dont know who i am!
    I had another health screening this year and now my cholesterol is 'normal' although i am overweight (now 180 lbs). I didnt need the screening to know it...i need to change.
    It all added up to where i am today. I am out of shape and unhealthy. Trying to quit smoking - on day 3 with the patch. Day two of back on primal and now on day shift (finally!).
    I know everyone struggles and i could really use some motivation so i am joining this forum to meet new people and try to stay on track. I am also going to start journaling- my food and moods. I could use any tips anyone has- thank you for reading this.

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    Welcome! I have quite a bit of family in and around Madison, WI.

    Just stay the course on the Primal Blueprint. You already know it works.

    Move your body because it is good for mental health and tightens things up.

    Look for people with similar goals in the journals area and hang out with them. I could not survive the ups and downs of life and stay Primal without my MDA friends.
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      Thank you pebbles, i am just getting around the forums now. I should have done this a long time ago- lots of cool stuff!


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        Welcome here.
        I agree with Pebbles, just stick with Primal food and exercise wise.
        As for the other things, I would advise you to try to get rid of the stress, it sounds like you have been through a hell of a time lately and stress is one of the major factors of not feeling well. Everybody has such a period in their life and it's not about trying to prevent them or fighting against it. It's just accepting that things are the way they are and making the best of it. You can't have a perfect day every day but you can try to have a perfect day today and maybe tomorrow as well. Fighting it will only make things worse.
        so good food, enjoyable exercise and relax...
        My story, My thought....

        It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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          Hi! Don't think about your last success and get depressed cause you're not there anymore. You'll get there and better again! Work on loving yourself. The good things we do for ourselves should come from a place of love. You're worth it! You are! Welcome "back"!


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            thank you to the above posters. i really want to come back! i am working on my stress levels, i am going to start taking regular epsom salt baths and supplementing magnesium again. youre right i do dwell on the past sometimes and it doesnt help me. i think maybe this set back will serve a purpose but im not sure what that is just yet.


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              Welcome, greenapplegirl. I think you know what you need to do. There is a lot of good support here and people who will help you out. If you haven't yet, you could start a thread in the journal forum.

              Best wishes to you and please stick around for your health. You are worth it.


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                You've already made a huge step in your new journey -- admitting the problem and asking for help! I know exactly what you're going through -- but instead of spousal problems, it's major problems with my maternal side. I want to say all 80lbs I gained since HS were from emotions related to them, plus that whole pesky undiagnosed celiac disease thing

                Give yourself a challenge, a goal you can reach within the next month. What worked for me after Thanksgiving (major family drama, that lead to us deciding to never spend time with them again) was to do the 21-Day Sugar Detox. It got me right back on track, and even after Christmas (with all the 'being alone on Christmas' emotions) I stayed on track. Find something to focus on, and someone to keep you accountable. It's amazing how much the right fuel and exercise can rebalance us physically and emotionally.
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