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The Best Anniversary Present Ever

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  • The Best Anniversary Present Ever

    Today is my wife and I's 19th anniversary. Both us and our daughter started our primal journey the beginning of October, 2013. It seemed a little daunting at first, but doable. We did the pantry clean-up, stocked up on Primal staples, began a regular fitness routine according to the Blueprint, and have loved every minute of it since. Well, after we got past the first week or so of our bodies adapting to fat burning versus carb burning.

    Fast forward to today. My wife took the day off and it was my regular day off. We made a trip to the local grocery and on the way in I jumped on the scale. I hadn't checked my weight in a bit and wasn't expecting what i saw. I was clothed and had just finished a big lunch and I came in at 185. When we started this I was 224. That's 39 pounds! I'm 6' tall and had reached a peak of 245 a few years ago.

    When my wife and I met, I had just gotten out of the Marines. I was 179 pounds and it kept going up from there. By the time we got married, I was easily 185 pounds. So now, 19 years later, I'm back to that weight for the first time and feel as though I've turned the clock back as well. Going Primal is the best thing I've done for my body, ever. It's not just weight loss, but the drop in cholesterol, normalized BP, cessation of medication, and all the other things that we experience. I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary present.

    My clothes have been getting so loose that I can't wear anything without a belt and my shirts are quite baggy. It's actually gotten so bad that the clothes look really bad on me, but I hate clothes shopping. So after grocery shopping and putting them away at the house we stopped at a nearby clothing outlet. I now have 2 pair of shorts that fit me and actually look good. I had been wearing 36 and even some 38 waist pants and was easily fitting into 32's today. That really made me feel good.

    I still have a closet full of loose clothes and am afraid to donate them. I tried dieting seriously once before and failed miserably. We did WW and it was a constant cycle of deprivation and binging. I'd do good with my points for a week or so, but felt hungry and deprived most of the time. Then I'd break down and eat a pizza, chips, cookies, whatever, and then be guilt ridden. That went on until I reached as low as 189 and it all went to hell. I put down the calculator and log books and before I knew it I was having to clothes shop because I had pitched my old clothes and nothing I owned fit anymore. Residuals from that keep me hanging onto that last batch of clothes out of fear that it'll happen again.

    On the upside of that though, this feels totally different. There's no counting, weighing, deprivation, or binging. It's truly easy to stay Primal. Maybe the oversize clothes will go the same way the bad foods did, keep adding clothes that fit and soon the old ones will be crowded out. If I just swap out one article at a time as they come into the house, it will be incremental and won't seem like such a drastic move all at once.

    So my anniversary day comes to a close with me feeling pretty darn good. We've been primal for over 3 months and have seen stellar results, all of us. I won't go into my wife and daughter's success stories as those are theirs to tell. I'll just say that they're both doing great and seeing results just like I am. I don't have a goal weight. I figure I'll just keep at what I'm doing and my body will reach it's optimum composition at some point. That has made this so much easier because I'm not shooting for anything but the highest level of health I can comfortably achieve. My body will tell me what that is when I get there.
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    Amazing story. You and your family must be so proud of yourselves! Keep up the good work


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      Awesome! Congratulations. I'm jealous. Wish my husband was doing this with me.
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        Way to go KPaul and Happy Anniversary!

        Pebbles - I wish my DH would get onboard too. But that isn't going to happen.

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        Awesome! Congratulations. I'm jealous. Wish my husband was doing this with me.
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          Great story! Seems like this might be something you and your family can stick to long term and make it a lifestyle instead of a diet!


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            Thanks for your comments and support.

            It's difficult when not everyone in the house is onboard, Pebbles and Huarache Girl. I spoke with one of my sisters the other day and she isn't Primal, but working pretty close to it right now. She still prepares meals for her husband and our father who lives with them and neither of them have any interest in changing their diet. She has to either be creative with her cooking or exert will power when she serves up a less than optimal meal for them. I think I'd just cook primally and if they didn't like it, show them the stove.

            This is very sustainable and I see no reason other than blatant disregard that it won't be a long term endeavor. It's easy, delicious, and satisfying, so as long is it continues to be the right thing for better health for my body, no reason to deviate.
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              I love the pictures! Great job.

              My wife isn't onboard either, but at least she is very, very supportive of me and will buy/prepare whatever I ask for (she does most of the shopping and cooking), even if it ends up being something a little different than what she's eating.