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Day 2 - 21 Day transformation

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  • Day 2 - 21 Day transformation

    I've been following/reading about Primal living for about a year now, but never had the courage to really dive into it. I bought the 21 day transformation and read it over the holidays and started yesterday.

    My biggest problem starts on day 1: THE PURGE. I have a wife and two young children, none of whom have any interest in going primal. So, what to do, what to do? I am trying to get off the sugar burning wagon, and yet there are pretzels, chips, cookies, loaves of bread, etc, all staring me in the face. ugh.

    I did however make one pleasant discovery as my salty crunchy cravings started bugging me last night; I was picking up some stuff at the local Wal-Mart and remembered Mark's mention of olives. I found olives stuffed with jalapeno peppers and I will be surprised if the jar lasts more than 5 days.

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    So, first of all, I did not mean to post this in Success Stories; Being 2 days into the project is hardly a measure of success...although, in terms of addiction, every day is a success, and really, the way I'm watching the clock, it sure seems like I'm trying to give up heroin (no offense to the reformed heroin users out there...I'm sure in reality that is way worse), but man oh man, I have been thinking about cookies all day long.

    A few highlights:

    I had to go out lunch with a senior ranking executive in my firm today; I was bummed thinking that I would be wrecking my goals on day two...however I am pleased to report that I managed to eat primally...we went to "Red Hot and Blue," a barbecue joint, and I ordered the "Pig and Link," a pulled pork sandwich with a link of hot sausage. I ate sausage and the pork, left the bread and swapped out the potato salad for steamed veggies.

    The temperature here today (I live in South Central, PA, near Gettysburg and I work in the DC-Metro area) was -6 this morning with a windchill of -20. the High got all the way up to 9. Needless to say, I did not do any exercising outside. I am going to use the kid's wii fit tonight I think

    My son is eating M&Ms in front of my face right now and I want to cry.

    That is all for day 2!


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      I sympathize with your plight because I am going to have the same issues with my will-power. I only have my wife to live with and I assume as soon as she observes the changes in me, she'll jump on the band wagon with me. However, my self discipline will be my greatest challenge. I have been fighting with the "honor system snack box" here at work for years and loosing the fight regularly. Right now, I hear the call of the Snickers monster and the Reeses' laughingly mocking me.

      I have begun reading the Primal Blueprint book and am still in chapter one, but something that Mark said is helping me right now; that the sugar rollercoaster can last for two weeks. I don't know if I understand that point correctly, but it's my life preserver right now and I am clinging to that point with all my might. If I can just make it two weeks, like the junkie you refer to, things will get just a little easier each day after that point. I have often thought this to be true before I found the Primal concept, but I had no idea that the withdrawal period would be only two weeks. I am encouraged by that shorter time span. I was thinking I'd have to fight the cravings for three or four weeks. So, ONLY two weeks sounds easier already. Again, I may have misunderstoon the point that Mr. Sission was making, but if I did, I hope no one will burst my bubble of ignorance, because it's my life preserver for right here, right now.

      Good luck with your fight! I am right here with you!
      Let's get out there and make this a great day!


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        Day 4 and I have some successes and some questions:

        I went through today with only a handful of broccoli until about 5:30 PM. Well, that and a cup of coffee. This was not a planned IF, I just didn't have time to grab a primal friendly lunch/snack on my way out the door this morning and I didn't feel like blowing money on the slimy salad bar in the café of my office building. All in all, I experienced some occasional hunger pangs, but it wasn't too unbearable. I did feel a bit cranky while I was driving home. When I got home, I shared a 6 egg omelet with my wife, with some cheddar cheese, salami and jalapeno peppers. I know salami is not the best primal meat, but it was handy and I wanted some meat. Now I feel like I could eat everything in the house and I am having serious sugar cravings. Working through them.

        A couple of questions:

        Is mozzarella cheese primal?
        Are peas legumes?
        is it normal to have some....<ahem> irregular bowel movements after changing to a primal diet?

        I am hoping to get in some exercise tonight after my kids go to bed.


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          Day 5

          Interestingly enough, I feel more bloated than ever, like my gut is hanging over my pants. BTW, I am 6' 00" and last time I weighed myself (Christmas Eve), I was 207 lbs. My goal is to get back to 175, a weight I've not seen since my son was born. Anyway, in the past ("past" being 5 days past), I was eating a conventional diet, heavy on carbs and sugar. I am/was fond of my evening beer(s). I did exercise, but not a regularly as I should and more in fits and spurts.

          So! So, so, so. Here I am, five days into this primal diet. I have managed to not have any grains, no sugars, no alcohol, and no processed food. It has been exceedingly difficult, especially at night and especially when I am packing my kids their sandwiches for lunch. My daughter's birthday is tomorrow, and she decided last night that she needed to bake cupcakes to take to her class. Talk about torture. If that is not torture, I don't know what is. All this, and I feel more bloated than ever. And on top of that like I am getting a cold. So, this is where some fine primal folks come and reassure me to stick with it, that this is normal and that it gets better...right now the pretzels are calling my name and I'm grumpy.


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            Here to cheer you on!

            Hi Briozzy!

            Hands off the pretzels! I'm here to cheer you on! This is a worthwhile challenge you've undertaken and I want you to stick with it. You can do this!

            It is not uncommon for your gut to react to a change in diet. The residents there are being shaken up. Those sugar feeders are rebelling and starving - making you crave sweets. Meanwhile, the bacteria that consume fats and proteins are multiplying like crazy. For more information on this look up sites that discuss the SCD diet (Pecanbread & Breaking the Vicious Cycle come to mind). Mark's post about the low carb flu may be helpful too.

            (It's also possible that you're reacting to something you're eating...something new or being consumed in higher quantities than before) so it may be wise to keep a food diary.

            I find it helpful to keep the snacks I want to eat close at hand. Olives are good. Apples. I like nuts, but am careful not to eat too many because they can cause digestive upset. Jerky (Mark has a post on making your own. Cowboy Dan carries one brand that is sugar free. Shop around.) Sometimes I've carried a little cooler with a cool pack with me to keep cheese, HB eggs, tahini, etc. cool while out and about. For ideas, look up the PB Shopping List.

            To keep from feeling like you're starving increase your fat consumption. Put a good quality butter on everything you eat. I take a teaspoon of coconut oil before meals. I realize that isn't for everyone, but you need something or you will starve. Bacon, I recommend bacon. To get some without sugar, visit an Asian market and purchase sliced pork, fry it at home, add salt to taste just after removing it from the pan.

            I've eaten SCD / primal for years now. I started because I got sick and the number of foods I could eat without reacting to them was diminishing weekly. The best I got from a doctor was a pat on the head and the diagnosis of IBS. (Turns out I have mercury poisoning.) So you're doing this the right way...before your health takes a dive.

            It's hard when the people you live with eat the junk food you used to love. The good news is that after awhile it doesn't taste as good as you remember. (I've been eating this way since the summer of 2009.) My husband will still eat brownies & cookies in front of me. (Doesn't bother me so much any more. Every now and then I have a taste and usually conclude that I'm not missing anything.)

            Since my health is turning around; it's time for me to get my body strong. I'm in my 10th day of the PB 21 day challenge. Since I already have the diet down I'm focused on the exercise portion of the challenge. I recommend adjusting to the diet before starting the exercise portion of the challenge because I think it makes it easier. Less stress in that 21 day period. AND because I think by adjusting your diet first, you start reducing inflammation that will cause body aches when you exercise. (If you're doing it all, keep at it, it will get better.)

            Do you have a reward for yourself when you achieve this 21-day challenge? My reward will be a MDA T-shirt that says "Live Long, Drop Dead."

            I commend you for undertaking this challenge and I know you can meet it.

            Good Health! Jay

            Originally posted by briozzy View Post
            Day 5

            So, this is where some fine primal folks come and reassure me to stick with it, that this is normal and that it gets better...right now the pretzels are calling my name and I'm grumpy.


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              On day 9. Still chugging away. I did have one bite of birthday cake on Sunday; my in-laws have serious trust issues with people who do not eat cake. Other than that, I have been staying the course. I do feel less of a constant press of cravings; now it is time sensitive. Once I start eating a meal, I find myself craving that sweet ending that would always follow, and when I am packing the kid's lunches a night, I find myself wanting to shove my face in the Frito's bag. But, by and large, I might be getting better. Not saying I'm out of the woods yet, but I do feel significantly less...curtailed.

              Exercise hasn't been too much of a factor as I've been suffering from a cold the last 4 days or so; perhaps my immune system is weakened while it tries to learn to live with no carbs? I am on the upswing, so I am hoping to get some walking/slow movement in starting tomorrow.


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                Keep up the good work.

                Question...why are the kids still eating candy and chips? Get them started with eating veggies for snacks. It would definitely help if your wife decides to join you as well.


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                  The kids still get a slightly paleo-friendly lunch:

                  Ham and cheese sandwich
                  Fruit or raw veggie of the day
                  small hand full of salty, crunchy item.

                  I already took away the sugary cookie treat, so it is a process. They don't have the mental fortitude to lose all their treats in one day. As for my wife, she continues to believe that I am going to drop dead of a massive coronary at any moment due to the amounts of meat and bacon I am eating. She will need to see a blood test where I am not immediately medevac'd to the nearest cardio unit before she will even consider.

                  Hey, I work on the 3rd floor of my building, and I have been taking the steps each and every time I get up to move around. All in all, I am probably doing the steps (up and down) at least six times per day now. If I walk up and down 3 flights of steps one time every two hours, does provide anything in terms of my "move frequently at a slow pace" log?


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                    That's good that you are transitioning the kids to eat healthier. I remember eating junk food all the time for school lunches and things were really bad once I started driving and was able to go to Burger King for lunch in high school.

                    Sometimes the significant other is the toughest to convince what you are doing is the right thing. Maybe convince her to read one of Mark's books or some of the success stories on here.