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Chronicling my 30 day challenge

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  • Chronicling my 30 day challenge

    I've been primal for nearly two years now, February 16, 2012, and I've seen a lot of success. I lost 40 pounds in five months, going from 213 to 173 which I've pretty much maintained, and have had so much more energy and have just felt good in general.

    I've decided, however, that I need to rededicate myself, and in that vein I've decided to do a 30 day challenge. I plan to stay as primal as possible during these 30 days, and also to incorporate Robb Wolf's autoimmune protocol while I'm at it. I've had some persistent skin issues, such as acne and dry skin, that I'm hoping will clear up. But I've also decided to chronicle my 30 day challenge because I think it will add to my motivation. So I'm hoping anybody who wants to will join me on this challenge and offer their support and advice. I'll be blogging daily at:

    2014 Primal Challenge

    I hope you'll all follow the blog and leave your comments.



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    Day one is in the can.

    2014 Primal Challenge: Day One


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      Best of luck Kevin! During December I ate a few too many Paleo friendly deserts and have gotten into a bad habit of eating dark chocolate and drinking a bit too much wine. I'm doing 5 weeks of alcohol free/dark chocolate free/paleo friendly desert free eating with an upgrade in my training intensity. I'll be following your thread and commenting on my experience from time to time.
      Recent Blog:


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        Hi Kevin, I too am attempting a consolidated period of being Primally good. I am not on day 3 and going well so far. I will follow you and let you know how I'm doing too. Best of luck


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          Thanks you two. Best of luck to you as well.


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            Day three.

            2014 Primal Challenge: Day Three