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I Bought a Brand New Dress and it FITS!

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  • I Bought a Brand New Dress and it FITS!


    I was shopping online at the Bay and I saw a really nifty dress on clearance. It only came in one size, extra large, so I'm like why not? I decided to take a chance on it. I just got it and it FITS! Really well too. And to think, last year this time I was wearing 5X dresses! Yay spiffy! I need to take some pictures and post them sometime... XD
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    awesome Wildrose
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      Pictures or it did not happen. aint this fun? I getall giggly when I go clothes shopping and can choose xl mens and they are sometimes too big.Iwas a 5xl guy since 20 years.
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        I want to see the new dress. Oh, I shop all the time now. It's my hobby. It's so fun when lots of clothes fit and look cute.
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          That's awesome!!! You go girl!!!!
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            How fantastic! Great to hear. Don't buy too much though as it can get expensive as your weight keeps going down
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              I remember when I dropped from plus sizes to regular sizes. Such a rush! You should post a picture. New clothes are so much fun. Silvergirl is right though. You'll be buying smaller sooner than you think.
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                I know! I'm an 18 teetering on a 16. I used to wear a 24, and those were snug. It's so exciting! I actually enjoy shopping for clothes for the first time in my life. If I get down to a 14, I'm just gonna walk around in a bikini till it snows.


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                  What a great success! Congratulations. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?