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  • Family success.....

    Just had a couple of success stories to share. Keep in mind were the typical married couple with children both working full time jobs, and in our middle 30's. This might get a lil long winded.

    1. My wife is 35, had always been somewhat active but over the years since her early 20's she had always complained of the figure she had lost. Athlete in high school etc. Marriage, kids, work, know the rest of the story.

    While I was deployed in the 1st part of 2013 my wife joined a Crossfit gym since I have a Crossfit background myself and use it sometimes to train. She was going 2-3 days a week, and she did not embrace any type of healthy eating however, and was very sporatic with her goals, and eating. She made some noteable gains in appearance Was very proud of her. The summer went by, and summer was summer. Lots of camping, family stuff etc, not the healthiest summer on record

    Mid summer rolled by into the fall and she had still been going to the gym, and maintaining, but not improving her overall figure. I kept hammering home nutrition, but what Wife will listen to a husband when they talk nutrition?? I had been doing this for a long time since 2012 as well.

    As the summer wound down I headed back out on a deployment Sept 20th.

    The gym had this deal called a "Whole Life Challenge" which operated on a points system within a gym as a way to measure yourself and compete with other members during an 8 week challenge with nutrition and workouts as the guidelines. The guidelines basically mimc'd the Primal BluePrint/Paleo principle. It ran for 8 weeks.......and my wife decided to take a huge step and commit for 8 weeks starting Sept 1st. No portion control, lots of meat, veggies, and minimal sugars. What happened next was insane.

    In 8 weeks she lost 31lbs, 3" off her hips, and 2.5" off her waist while doing a dedicated strength program and Crossfit 3-4 days a week!!!

    Fitness capacity and strength was also baselined before and after the 8 week mark. She improved her squat/deadlift/bench/press by no less than 25lbs on each of her lower body lifts (squat/dead) and 10lbs on her upper lifts. Her conditioning was also baseline and tested by a 20 min workout for Crossfit of 5 Pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats. She initially did 10 rounds during baseline. At the 8 week mark she did 15 round during that 20 min period vs 10 before.

    Huge gains....not just weight lost. The nutrition fact is what really shines here since this is the same gym she had been going to before with bad eating, and the nutrition side was adjusted, and the magic happened.

    Keep in mind....All of these improvements were done while I am currently deployed 5000 miles away. She also works a fulltime job as a Pediatric nurse, and is essentially a "single" mom due to my deployment.

    If this doesnt spell success I dont know what does. She said it has changed her mentally, and physically as well. She looks at everything different.

    2. I have been following some sort of primal eating plan in 2011 where my life changed for the better, I havent been perfect, but the intent and about 80% of the time I eat like I should within the Primal Blueprint. I have always cooked for the family like such, and they eat when I cook, but I couldnt control the other 2-3 meals they werent there for during the day. Im an active person, lifter, mountain biker, crossfit etc. At age 35 im in the best shape of my life.

    To help her along her Journey I decided to do this challenge with her the past 4 weeks while at my deployed location. It wasnt such a shock for me due my prior lifestyle. I have been able to devote alot more time to training and recovery here than normal. The location I am at actually has decent food so I have been able to control my intake. Over the past 4 weeks I managed to drop 11lbs and I havent even been trying to drop weight. I have a strength background and have made big strides in my main lifts over the past month, and overall physique that have otherwise been very hard in the past. My conditioning has always skyrocketed as well. Win/Win in my book.

    Just a couple of success stories from a working family. Thanks again for all the info, and motivation.

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    Good stuff, Allen! Way to go for both of you!
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      Those are inspiring stories. Keep up the great work - both you and your wife. Congratulations.


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        Awesome - your wife is lucky to have such a supportive hubby!!
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          Way to go! Thank you for sharing!

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