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    Hi everyone, I am getting pretty discouraged. I started Paleo/Primal on Aug. 2 2013. I am a 184 lb female, 5'6", 34 years old. I am extremely active : crossfit 3 times a week, lifting 3 times a week, running 2-3 times a week, hockey once a week and surface swims (I am a Diver) once a week. I really love this way of eating and it works well with my body. Over the past 2 months I have PR'd on all of my lifts:
    Bench press- 215 lbs
    Deadlifts- 342 lbs
    Squats- 255 lbs
    I can still do 10 wide grip pull-ups and hit my mile run in about 7 min 20 sec, my 5 km in around 26-27 min.

    I really started to feel like I was changing body composition, so I didn't really care what I weighed, and I was starting to see changes in my body. But now I am having some problems: I am in the military and am running 2 courses away from home so I am at the mercy of the base mess hall. I am eating lot's of Veg, some fruit and meat (although I have no idea how's army meat afterall! but sometimes the only meat choice they have is something I ahve no choice ) They only serve pasta and potatos, so I do not eat any of that. I supplement with protein and creatine. But this week, I feel so weak I have only been able to finish one workout, I feel completely drained and my arms get tired when I am doing my hair god's sake!! Needless to say, I was supposed to squat yesterday and I failed at 225, when 2 weeks ago I hit 255!
    I have not been getting alot of sleep (because of these courses), and I can't control my nutrition like I can when I am home. I normally eat sweet potato every lunch and supper, but have only eaten it 2 times in the past 2 weeks. I also normally cook in coconut oil, and eat grass fed beef and free-range eggs.
    Is this fatigue and general depressed feeling because of the changes in my routine? What can I eat to make up for the lack of carbs? I used to fast for 24 hrs once a week, but now I am scared to, because I do not want to feel even more tired.....Is there anythign I can do to feel me again?
    Oh and Why is it everyone on here drops all kinds of weight within the first couple of months, and I have only gone down like 2 lbs? It is really discouraging to not more results this way. My only cheats are some cheese and red wine one day a week and the odd piece of dark chocolate every once and awhile. I drink a lot of water (I don't drink pop, juice or anything else), and I drink my coffee black (1-2 cups a day) and green tea (black).
    Words of advice, or encouragement please?

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    I don't know for sure but:
    -1- maybe too much activity and little rest ?
    -2- eat the potatoes!! you will do yourself a favor!


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      to be honest I've been primal now for 3 weeks and haven't dropped a pound. I only lost the excess fluids because it's almost completely sodium free. I'm happy with a stable weight at the moment.

      I agree with FrenchFry that you need to up your carbs (potatoes) if you are going to continue to work out like that. You're body needs fuel for all that work out. Just take it slowly with the carbs.

      Do you count your intake? even a rough idea what you are getting will give you an idea of where it is lacking. Maybe too few proteins.

      You also have to consider that with the season your body might just suffer from a minor flu. It doesn't make you feel horrid but it's enough for your muscles to feel weak and tired. I can always notice to how my muscles in my leg feel if my body is dealing with the flu well before I get really sick. Give it a week or two, eat healthy and take a bit of rest.
      My story, My thought....

      It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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        You seem to be incredibly fit. You may just need a week off/deload week (using easy weights, just going through the movements). With as much activity as you do, you need carbs. If you're focusing on a number on the scale that's the wrong thing for you to do. I say, continue to do and eat the things that allow you to feel healthy, energetic and strong.


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          If this week is important then have a cheat week. Credit to you for trying to stick to your diet in such harsh circumstances - that is some amazing will power - and it is because you clearly have such amazing will power that you know once you get these tests over you will go back. Give yourself a break from primal and pass your test. Good luck!


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            What's wrong with thr potatoes? I know they might not be ideal, but unless they're deepfried in soybean oil or something they're probably not poisonous (and even if they are then it won't be too much of a strain on you to have them a couple oftimes).


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              There are basically two reasons why one doesn't lose weight. The first is that you aren't in a caloric deficit. Eating Primal + low carb may decrease hunger in a lot of people and so result in a caloric deficit, but it's not magic. The second is that you are having some kind of metabolic issue. For that, you would need a visit to the doc and get some labs.

              There is a third, I guess. If by some bizarre chance, you are losing exactly the same weight in fat that you are gaining in muscle, the scale wouldn't move. However, if this were the case, since muscle is lean and dense, where fat is loose and jiggly, you'd notice your clothing fitting very differently.
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