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One week down. Feeling pretty amazing.

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  • One week down. Feeling pretty amazing.

    I finished one week of my new Primal lifestyle with ZERO cheating.

    I know, I know. I've only completed one week. I'll have a lot more to celebrate in another 51 weeks but seriously, this was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I went from a daily diet of fast food, pasta, and sugary-sodas to a VLC (I have about 60lbs to lose), whole-foods diet.

    The first 3 days were incredibly hard for me. I was having intense sugar cravings and headaches and that told me what a junkie I was. I pushed through without wavering and I made it over the hump on Day 4. Here I stand on Day 7 and the feeling so far has been pretty drastic. I sleep better. I wake up refreshed. I have more energy throughout the day. I actually took my kids to a park this morning to walk on some trails and I wore THEM out! They were begging for a break and I was saying "Just a little bit farther..." That was a great feeling. And as an added bonus, I stepped on the scale 4lbs lighter this morning. That was a double-great feeling!

    The way I'm feeling physically has me more determined than ever to stick with this. I'm a little nervous because I'm going out of town in a week. Road trips for our family has always meant fast food and sodas, and visits with my deep South family always means deep-fried dinners, biscuits and sweet tea. It will be *tough* to resist those but I am going to try my best. I have the MDA forum app on my phone and I plan to check in and read posts often to keep myself accountable, motivated and on track.

    Just wanted to put my news "out there" in the world. Hoping it will keep me more accountable and honest.

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    Good work! I have been staying with family for the last two weeks, and while it has been somewhat inconvenient to eat primally, I have done it, and I am very pleased. I would suggest making sure you put some safe/easy foods for yourself in the fridge/pantry when you get there, to make it easy for you to keep making good choices. So we got some high-quality lunch meat, eggs, cheese, olives, nuts, guacamole, veggies, etc. It's not quite as great as home-cooking your own paleo food all the time, but under the circumstances better than caving in and eating whatever everyone else is
    Keep up the good work!

    Goal: Feel good, be active!


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      Brilliant well done you. I am sure you will cope with your road trip.

      I manage restaurants, fast food or otherwise by eating the meat, leaving the bun an chips and asking for a salad, my friends and family got used to it fairly quickly and just ignore me, especially when I was ordering desert, and said I wanted apple pie and cream but please could they hold the apple pie!

      Best of luck sure you can do it.


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        Is the rest of the family on board? Since you have kids it is as important if not more to make sure they are getting as many nutrient dense foods as possible. Regarding road trips, if you didn't have little ones you could treat it as a fast until you got to your destination.

        For a road trip, have the kids get involved in what food will be packed for their meal during the trip. Y'all could also choose to stop somewhere nice outside to have the food instead of sitting inside some crowded restaurant. Just an idea. Congrats on your first week.


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          Thanks. I haven't told any of my family yet but they all believe 100% in the low fat, low calorie weight loss ideas. I'm sure they'll call me crazy for eating whole eggs and bacon in order to LOSE weight. I'm ok with that. I'm just worried about my own willpower when someone says "Oh, one biscuit won't hurt..." I have a very bad habit of turning 1 little ole biscuit into 5 biscuits dripping with butter and jam. But I'm anticipating it and I think I can make plans for what to eat (or bring to eat) in each scenario. ::fingers crossed::

          And the more I read your suggestions and ideas the more I think we'll do ok on the road trip part. I can pack my own chicken in our cooler and add that to a salad purchased along the way (or by itself). I can pack fruit and cheese as snacks for the kids. We're bringing bottles of water and homemade iced coffee in a cooler for the road.

          I read a quote a while back that definitely seems like it could apply here: "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Hoping my plans will carry me through!


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            Great job!! This is day 7 for me too, and I have never felt better. I was very hungry for the first few days but since then I haven't had much hunger, and no cravings at all. My only problem has been that I'm having some trouble sleeping, but I think that could be due to hormonal issues from having a baby recently. I've only lost about 2 pounds but I was at an average weight to begin with.

            I'm hoping I can avoid temptations in the future by focusing on how GOOOOOOD I feel when I eat this way. I mean seriously, I'm blown away by the difference in my body--the feeling of lightness (I had no idea how extremely bloated I was before), the massive increase in energy that lasts all day long, the way my muscles and joints suddenly feel as flexible and pain-free as a 10-year-old's. I'm actually scared to cheat with any "bad foods" because I definitely do not want to feel the way I felt before!!

            Congratulations on your one-week anniversary and keep up the great work!


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              Great job... This is the start of my second week also. Keep up the great work.

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                Good job on starting a new lifestyle. I don't use the primal blueprint way. Iv been dieting for the last 20 months now. Iv lost 80lbs. Iv done extreme amount of research and lots of trial and error.

                Iv learned that fats, carbs, sugars etc.. Doesn't make you fat, it's the fact that we eat more then what are maintenance level is on a daily basis that makes us gain weight.

                I'm a huge fan of myfitnesspal. I'm all about tracking what i eat. If you're interested in seeing what I used to look like, check out my thread 15 month transformation in the primal blueprint success forum.

                If you need any help along the road just message me.

                Being consistent, gets results...


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                  You guys are awesome and so motivational! Still chugging along today! So far, so good!


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                    Originally posted by JenPoston View Post
                    You guys are awesome and so motivational! Still chugging along today! So far, so good!
                    Same here is what I had for lunch.

                    Just remember healthy food doesn't have to taste nasty...tons of recipes on this site and LOTS of ideas from other users.

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                      Beef jerky!!! Pack some delicious beef jerky for your road trip

                      Anywho... congrats on 1 week down! You would think more people would be open to the idea of primal especially when they hear they can eat BACON on it lol.
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