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  • [QUOTE=BensonElPosman;1607578]It should be a rule that nobody can get a personal trainers certification if they are fat and out of shape. Because this kind of thing is fucking stupid.


    I'd argue they were both in good shape- she had no problems keeping up with her class and then was headed to a one hour spin class. Definitely cardio fit, maybe not strong. No doubt they could have beat me in a 5K. Just more the irony of so many fat people with such good levels of fitness, still being fat and not questioning the system.

    I'd say that is where crossfit wins from an effectiveness perspective. You do drop body fat quickly.
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    • First off, I'm looking through a calorie book because I want to be able to bring a quick reference with me when I'll be away from the Internet next month. This is what I found.

      1. Mark Yesitis—I always keep extra lean ground beef ham- burger patties in the freezer to barbecue on the grill. There are only 33 calories per ounce (raw weight) with 6 grams of protein and 1 gram of fat.
      2. Suzy Preston—My cupboards always have sugar-free, fat- free pudding snack cups and sugar-free gelatin snack cups— my favorite snack foods! Sometimes I stir in a little fat-free whipped topping.
      3. Lisa Andreone—I keep whole wheat pita bread on hand so that I can bake my own chips to serve with hummus. I also love to spread frozen fat-free whipped topping on graham cracker squares! Yummy!
      4. Ryan Kelly—I never get bored with snacking on grilled chicken or asparagus.
      Of course the men fill up of protein and veggies, and the women go for "diet food." This is why I tell people never to diet like a woman. :/

      Not that I haven't been guilty of that myself. Please ignore the gluten free cookies in my pantry!


      • frozen fat-free whipped topping .... Yummy!


        • A CW friend of ours:
          Before cooking bacon, she disects out the fat.
          "We haven't eaten butter in years!"
          "I can't eat too much at one meal or I feel stuffed."

          Hint: eat a bit of fat and less bulky stuff, and maybe you won't feel overly full, no?
          I didn't mention that the fiber in veggies is digested by gut bugs into SCFA (i.e. fat) because I was afraid her head would explode.
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          • I skimmed through this thread and find the occasional posts about hospitals to be rather amusing. Same theme over and over. I remember from working on a floor one time, the diabetic breakfast trays differed from a regular tray by having the white flour pancakes accompanied by artificial sugar free syrup, in place of "real" maple syrup that was mostly HFCS. Both had high glycemic index white flour pancakes. No surprise that the diabetic patients all required insulin after their breakfast straight from the trash can. The "cardiac" diet tray supplemented salt with Misses Dash, so go figure there.

            The patient snack fridge was nothing but pure sugar snacks, except that they had this bizarre concoction of sugar free, fat free milk. Juice is the most common thing in that fridge. Oh, and with so many admitted patients being diabetic, one day last fall, I found it fundamentally wrong to have a large Coca-Cola semi-truck backed up to the loading bay out back, dropping a load. Probably a hot steaming one, at that. Actually, I know they also distribute bottled water, and other "coke" products, but still it would be like a big truck that read, "Heroin" delivering to the Methadone "Pain Management Clinic" next door. Hospitals are funny, that way.
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            • >_< There's this guy at the local farmer's market who keeps trying to sell me his frozen curries. I admit he's quite a salesman but it will never work... I have learned how to make a kick ass curry at the drop of a hat. I have all the ingredients I need, real cardamom pods, tamarind paste, you name it. Seriously, this is like trying to sell ice to an eskimo. Yet, he just keeps trying...
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                • I've shopped outside the grocery store aisles for so long that when I need something, I do not know where to find it. Makes me chuckle to myself.
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                  • My latest episode of CW hilarity was provided by a bag of Cheetos the other day. During a grocery store expedition a friend announced to me that she was going to go ahead and buy them, "because there just weren't that many carbs." Curiosity got the better of me, and I picked up a bag to inspect the nutritional label. Hm...says here that one serving of Cheetos Puffs contains 150 calories, and 13 grams of carbs. But wait, what's this? The 3.5 ounce bag cheerfully announces that a "serving" of Cheetos Puffs is 13 pieces. Shyeah....right. Who stops to count Cheetos as they're eating them? Or carefully portions out a serving and closes the bag back up? Nobody, that's who. And the hilarity doesn't stop there: the whole bag contains 3.5 servings, which adds up to a whopping 525 calories and 47 grams of carbs.

                    For the rest of the day I tried to imagine that someone, somewhere, actually worries about that last half serving in the Cheetos bag, and carefully sets aside six Cheetos and one that's been broken in half.
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                    • A friend posted on Facebook that they just found out their powdered dairy creamer expired in 2005.

                      I am strongly resisting the urge to comment "Why not use real cream?" And dear lard how do you carry around a single condiment for 10 years?!
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                      • because cream gives you heart attacks and cholesterol
                        yeah you are

                        Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


                        • Originally posted by bloodorchid View Post
                          because cream gives you heart attacks and cholesterol
                          This is still a firmly held belief being promoted by doctors: eat mostly plants and low fat. We have friends visiting and the man was told this by his cardiologist. Heart problems run in his family so he eats semi vegetarian as instructed by his doctor. He loves meat though. At our house he ate our home grown pork and thoroughly enjoyed it. His girlfriend worries that he is too thin (he is) and wants him to put on a little weight but he is reluctant to eat animal products. His diet is mainly grain and very low on protein, I don't know how he manages with his physically demanding job as a blacksmith.

                          I'm not one to argue with a Stanford cardiologist.
                          Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


                          • Originally posted by Urban Forager View Post
                            ... His girlfriend worries that he is too thin (he is) and wants him to put on a little weight but he is reluctant to eat animal products. His diet is mainly grain and very low on protein...
                            There are plenty of lean meats including lots of great fish sources. Why don't you tell him/her that? This is something the doctor would definitely be okay with.


                            • Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
                              A friend posted on Facebook that they just found out their powdered dairy creamer expired in 2005.

                              I am strongly resisting the urge to comment "Why not use real cream?" And dear lard how do you carry around a single condiment for 10 years?!
                              If that's a typo, it's the best typo ever!

                              I have a friend who's become such an adamant low fat "almost" vegetarian (eats maybe two or three ounces of animal product a day) that I can't talk to him anymore. He's new to it, and it's all he talks about. Grains good, animals bad. You should see him. Skinny everywhere. Honestly, I have bigger biceps than he does and I don't lift heavy weights. Looks like he's at death's door. Total manorexia.
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                              Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


                              • Hahaha manorexia.. never heard that word before. I may have to use it the next time a skinny dude who has never seen a weight in his life tries to tell me I goto the gym too much.