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  • *lol* Polecatz, you are cracking me up. Cheers ;0)
    “Falconry is not a hobby or an amusement; it is a rage. You eat and drink it, sleep it and think it. You tremble to write of it, even in recollection. It is as King James the First remarked, an extreme stirrer up of passions.” --T.H. White, The Godstone and the Blackymor

    "The world must be all fucked up when men travel first class and literature goes as freight."
    - Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude


    • They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Unless the picture is too small to read the print on the right hand side that says. 'grain fed' Fail!

      My MDA journal

      Primal Ponderings- my blog- finally added some food pron :P

      And best of all my Body Fat Makeover!!


      • I went to Tony's meats yesturday to get some flank steak to make jerky with. They don't sell grass finished meat but are known for having excellent beef. A guy in line with me was commenting on how great their meat is. I mentioned that it wasn't grass fed though. He pointed out on their sign "Grass Fed" and then I pointed out the "Grain Finished" part and explained that they still ended up on a feed lot and all the problems with that. He replied that this was still the best beef around. Made me wish we had a Whole Foods closer to shop at. Can't wait to get my grass fed bull this fall!


        • Okay so here's the story. I ran to the store to buy a can of coconut milk for lunch (it was awesome) and i was eating it at the work lounge. This lady looks at the can and says "you must run a lot to burn off those fat calories." I reply back "Uh actually not that much." She says 'Oh well I hope you stay lucky andstay in such great shape!' ... If she only knew muahaha


          • Originally posted by h3hound View Post
            More CW from WebMD. No carb counts for their worst meals list.

            Pictures of Fattening Restaurant Meals: Pasta, Burgers, Chinese, Pizza, and More
            Oh God. From that article:
            Eat Better: Pasta

            Pasta swimming in cream sauce can be an unhealthy choice — it's packed with fat, calories, and cholesterol. Better sauces include:

            * Red clam sauce.
            * Marinara sauce without meat.
            * Primavera sauce without cream.
            * Marsala sauce with wine, not butter.
            Absolutely horrifying. Remember, people diagnose themselves with WebMD every day.
            Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


            • I was at Buglet's school today for a "Muffins for Moms" event (yes, muffins... I actually talked up primal instead of having a muffin.)

              Anyway, as part of the activities they handed me this book to read to the kids:
     Yummy Yucky (Leslie Patricelli board books) (9780763619503): Leslie Patricelli: Books

              And of course it says stuff like "Spaghetti is yummy! Worms are yucky! Apple pie is yummy! Mud pie is yucky!"

              I was sucked into the anti-primal propaganda machine, so sad.
              "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


              • The worst sinner, or on an equal par with grains, is vegetable oil. Its freaking everywhere, taking over the world. I want to ban it or I wish if you went for a meal you could specify if you want it cooked in saturates or not. I can take Olive oil but its an insult to go to a restaurant and they have cooked your meal in the cheapest, skankiest vegetable oil.

                I went to a greasy spoon today and had a fry up, purposely choosing to avoid the grains and potatoes and I thought I'll ask for a bit of butter to mix with my mushrooms as you just know that they have used vegetable oil and I am on a mission to at least cancel it out by adding saturated fat if I can't avoid it. I made a point of asking for BUTTER and I was thinking they can't get that wrong, they must have butter. I was all excited and the meal turned up and the butter turned out to be bl**dy MARGARINE!!! Ugh it was so disgusting I removed it immediately and I just had to post that as I thought, this is really depressing.

                I have also taken to keeping a pack of butter in the fridge at work and adding it to meals if I don't think there are enough saturates in the meal as sometimes I have to resort to a ready meal and the oil used is always vegetable. It certainly makes all the difference although my colleagues think I am crazy especially when the other day I threatened to drink double cream cos I was so rage at the lack of saturates in general circulation.


                • friends dragged me to an asian vegetarian restaurant today... where they had several varieties of 'veggie' chicken, pork, and beef. wtf? and they were all made of the same thing ('chinese mushroom,' soy (*shudder*), seaweed, and vegetables), so how do they even get them to taste like the different meats?

                  my friends were overjoyed at having found a vegetarian restaurant... i actually wouldn't mind a vegetarian restaurant if it had dishes that were made of actual vegetables (whether leafy green or starchy), properly-fermented lentils with basmati rice, fermented foods in general, fresh fruits, avocado, coconut, eggs and dairy, nuts, etc. but NOT someplace where nearly every dish is a combination of wheat and soy, eww.


                  • Originally posted by Twibble View Post
                    Gatorade is very useful for keeping me from passing out on hot, hot days or when I'm being VERY active. Other than that...nope.
                    I've heard coconut water has so many great electrolytes and other nutrients w/o any junk, coconut water is different from coconut milk. The water is what you hear when you shake the coconut, coconut milk is made from the meat.


                    • Originally posted by spakesneaker View Post
                      ... i actually wouldn't mind a vegetarian restaurant if it had dishes that were made of actual vegetables ..


                      • Coconut water without added sugar is kind of nasty. Maybe I was getting bad coconuts.
                        You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


                        • it seems to be sort of an acquired taste. the first time i had it, i wasn't impressed. now i crave it.
                          my primal journal:


                          • i've had it once, it tasted like rotten apple juice
                            yeah you are

                            Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


                            • I've had nasty coconut water from (what I later discovered to be) slightly rotten coconuts, and delicious coconut water from delicious perfectly ripe coconuts, and delicious coconut water from a carton at the store. My next goal is to use kefir grains to ferment it...
                              5'4" 39yo mother to five sweeties & married to their AMAZING DaddyGrok
                              Current Weight: 175lb__________________________________Goal: 135lb
                              Deadlift: 240lb________________________________________Back Squat: 165lb
                              Bench: 130lb__________________________________________Pre ss: 85lb
                              ***Winning a 20-year war against binge eating disorder***


                              • My mom's friend thinks how I'm eating is very unhealthy.

                                She's obese and diagnosed pre-diabetic. /facepalm