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    Originally posted by Erik W View Post
    sugar causes wrinkles
    Really? Any evidence to back that up?
    The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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      Face facts: Too much sugar causes wrinkles - Health - Skin and beauty | NBC News
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        A pain that I would get along the back of my leg at knee height has not recurred since I went Paleo 23 months ago. That pain had been recurring since I was 3. Initially diagnosed as "growing pains," later diagnosed as "she doesn't want to go to school," and then "you'll outgrow it." After that I stopped asking and sucked it up. That was over 30 years ago.

        Leaky pipes no longer leak. Although I still have scarring from the acne I've had most of my life, my skin is clearing. My teeth are whiter. Numerous GI issues that I used to have are gone. While at age 50 I was trying to wrap my head around accepting that my mind and body were on the decline, at 54 I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I was at 24 and look forward to continually challenging myself mentally and physically. My hairdresser recently complimented me about how thick and healthy my hair was. I use the cheapest hair products I can find. Grok on!


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          Originally posted by joyfulsong21 View Post
          I have arthritis in both knees (I'm 32!) that hasn't fully gone away with eating Primally, so I'm looking into following the AIP, & see how that goes. But I am terrified of going w/out coffee, & saddened about going w/out nuts & eggs... So I'm gonna put it off a few more days at least. But I'll let you know if it works!
          have you tried cutting out just nightshades? worked for me.


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            I'll tell you when I know for sure.

            I know last year it seemed to help my seasonal allergies and acne (my skin looked great!).

            I haven't been back on the wagon long enough to see if it will do that same this time. But I'm also hoping it will help with digestive symptoms I've been having too.

            It would also be great to have thicker hair again (it used to be super thick up through early high school and now it seems to get finer by the day). Heal some cavities so I don't have to get fillings. Improve or prevent mild SAD symptoms come winter. Reduced inflammation (esp. since I'm sure that contributes to my weight distribution).

            I'm not too worried about weight loss, though I'm sure that will come too, I'm more worried about all these signs of inflammation that I want to bring under control. I'm too young to feel old.
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              My brain is so sharp, I memorize like never before. At work the new strategies that pop in my head are like daily gold.

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                Originally posted by Sharon View Post
                have you tried cutting out just nightshades? worked for me.
                I've considered this because of a knee injury years ago. Then I realized that nightshades are the only vegetation that I eat.
                The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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                  Mine aren't too significant, although I lived pretty "healthy" before. The biggest change is that I now sleep through the night, I used to wake up 5-6 times for no particular reason.


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                    Even though I lost only 25lbs, my snoring when I am not doing any alcohol has been greatly reduced (according to my wife).

                    At 46, I am finally able to grow sideburns, and could also do a beard if it wasn't 105 everyday. No such luck for the top of my head though.

                    I usually have a summer flare up of rosecia (sp) or some such facial rash that has not flared up in two seasons.