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TinaCristina's journey to a lifetime of primal choices.

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  • TinaCristina's journey to a lifetime of primal choices.

    It's Day 18 for me since going primal/low carb. I started this journey with a much different mind set.

    I promised myself to be patience and accept the fact that:
    1. The weight loss will be slow (for me)
    2. The benefits will last a life time.

    So far I have seen baby steps of progress. It's been super easy to follow this program. That part I have down and I have zero cravings for any sugars or breads. A few times I have woken up hungry but I fixed that easily after mixing up a high protein and more fatty (scrambled eggs/avocado/spinach) breakfast.

    My biggest challenge is accepting that this is not a "fast weight loss" program. Don't get me wrong, for some folks around here, it has been. But I know my body well enough and it's going to take time and I am totally fine with this. That's what I have accepted. I know that each day I am inching myself to where I want to go. The benefits, like today, I woke up with a ton of energy and I am in total aww...where did this come from?

    Yesterday I tweaked my diet some more and did what I was afraid to do earlier. I ate a higher amount of fats and calories as suggested on this website. I was avoiding some of these things in fear all my work would backfire. If only I trusted what I read when I started this whole process.

    I have done HCG diets in the past and lost 25 pounds 3x's in the last 3 years. I'm sick and tired of that game. The way I see this program is that I will lose that 25 pounds and it will be the last time I will ever have to lose it again. If it takes me 6 months to do that I am ahead of the game because at the end I will have muscle, feel good, have energy and know that this weight loss gone for good. The other option would be to starve, lose weight and gain it back by the end of the summer...Like I said, I am done with that!!!

    I know I can do this and so far I have proven to myself how easy it really is. I honesty feel great today. My belly is a tad flatter. My arms look a tad slimmer and there is less inflammation all over me.

    My journey does not include weigh in's because I can't handle the scale ##'s (good or bad) and I know this. It's a vision I will have in the mirror with my clothes both on and off. That is power enough.

    I am excited about the future because I know that the path I am on is controllable and that in itself gives me a sense of power and relief.....I can do this!!
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    Good on you. It's great you no longer crave sugar or bread. It's amazing how quickly the cravings vanish, isn't it?
    It sounds like you have a great attitude towards being primal. Good luck with it all!


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      It's day 25 (my math was off when I started this post) and still plugging along. I still haven't had any bread or sugar nor am I craving any.

      Based on my experience so far the reason I failed many diets is because of my hunger. What I have now is the option to EAT and that makes me happy!

      I have had to play with my food menu a bit lately in order to sense that I am on the road to losing though. I was doing my MFP (my fitness pal) and my protein intact was on the high side 120 to 140 grams and I could tell my body was not losing with this formula.

      Because I am SO USE to starvation diets that give me quick results, I know at this time, I would of been down 15 pounds or so already...I realize for some of your folks out there that happens when on this kind of eating regime but for me, well, it's not that easy which is why I reduced my protein to 80 grams and that seems to be helping alone with upping my fat. I find myself a little hungier and realize I got to find the best fats that work for me. (i.le. avocado, CO, etc...i think)

      I read where cream and nuts are not the greatest for weight loss purposes and so I am going to give up my nuts but I DO LOVE cream in my coffee andhopefully that's not a big issue. We will see...I am tweaking this as I go.

      At the end of the summer....I hope to writing here and telling you all how patience is worth every ounce of fat I SLOWLY is slow because I can see it but I am good with that because I won't fail...this is easy still and for me it's about forever!
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