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90 lbs lost so far!

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  • 90 lbs lost so far!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to post my success story, although I don't have pictures because I'm lame and can't be bothered to figure out how my scanner works. Lazy, I know.

    Anyway! First off, I'm a 34 year old female. My journey to Primal began in a roundabout fashion. I read the Carb Sensitity program and tried following that, until I reached the point about reintroducing beans. I stopped there because the only beans I really LIKE are chickpeas, and they weren't allowed at that stage. So I was eating primal by default. XD Then that book led me to Wheat Belly, which led me to paleo, which led me to Primal. Primal is where I settled because I do like dairy products. Not too too often, but the occassional slice of cheese is nice.

    As I started on this diet, the weight started to fall away. I'm guessing I started at around 340 lbs, although I didn't actually weight myself. I know I lost quite a bit before I started with my personal trainer. It's really quite a sacrifice - 550 dollars a month - but it's worth it. I clocked in with my trainer at 312 lbs and now I'm at 252. So I've lost around 90 lbs! At first the effect was mostly noticeable in my arms and upper body, but now when I turn sideways I can SEE my gut has shrunk. It's really awesome!

    I still have a long ways to go, of course. I'm going to see what I look like at 200 lbs then decide where to go. According to my trainer's scale, which is probably rather inaccurate, I have 140 lbs of lean muscle. I wouldn't be surprised if that's true, I've always had muscle under the flab... so we'll see where I go from there. But I love how effortless this is! I wish I'd known about it sooner!
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    congratulations! great discipline, keep going... till you feel sexy, whatever weight that is for you imo
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      Bless your heart; that is so great.
      Wish I had a personal trainer