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Good blood report, but wondering how to improve it (or should I even try?)

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  • Good blood report, but wondering how to improve it (or should I even try?)


    Tossed my statin drugs April, 2012
    Physical April, 2013 and here are the stats:

    32 lbs. lost
    Triglycerides from 127 down to 104
    Chol. LDL from ---219 down to 139
    Cholesterol from --156 up to -- 216

    Doctor said I can continue to stay off statins
    I'm happy, but wondering about the Cholesterol number and what I should do (if anything?)
    Didn't I read somewhere that avg. Cholesterol is 220 and the medical community decided to set it at 200?
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    Total cholesterol of 220 is fine (although your doctor will highlight anything over 200). Best indicators on the standard lipid test is the Triglyceride/HDL ratio. Lower is better, above 3.5 is a cause for concern. Best test is called an NMR lipid test, which gives you your LDL-P (P=particle). This test is a much better indicator of heart health.


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      Yeah. You don't give your HDL (the good one) but I'm willing to bet it's gone up. Your ratios are what matters. Look at TotC/HDL, Trigs/HDL, LDL/HDL.
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