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Surprised at progress so far

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  • Surprised at progress so far

    I've started and stopped primal eating a couple of times, but now I'm serious about it. A couple of days after starting, I had my resting metabolic rate done. It showed that my metabolism is slightly fast and that I am burning fat for energy! I am so pleased! The test also told me how many calories I need to eat to maintain and lose weight. I wasn't going to track my calories, but decided to do it for a couple of days out of curiosity. I am not hungry at all and am eating about 1300 calories a day. Normally I would be starving! I want to stay less than 1800 calories a day and am not trying to be on the low end. It just worked out that way.

    I am going to do interval exercise but had to take a break because of a miserable cold.

    I lost a lot of weight in the past (145lb) but started to regain it. I am determined to get this 40 or so pounds off for good. It was a slow, insidious weight gain over about 2 years.

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    Very eloquently stated, m66kqogk. I look forward to many more of your insightful contributions to the community.

    Hi fiveholts So good to know for sure that you're burning fat. That's a real kick in the pants. That's pretty much my target range for calories too. Surprising how filling it can be when the food you eat is actually nutrient dense, huh.
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      Is there a way to report useless spam?


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        Originally posted by Narcolepticjenn View Post
        Is there a way to report useless spam?
        Yup, just click on the little black warning triangle at the bottom left corner of the post.
        Personally, I report all spam though, not just the useless ones ;-p
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        Originally posted by tfarny
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least