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  • Originally posted by Energy! View Post
    Speaking of marshmallows, did anyone else eat "fluffernutters"? My elementary school served them, on white bread, of course. Gooey peanut butter plus gooier marshmallow creme. I also liked mashed bananas and mayo sandwiches at home...the school didn't provide those.
    When I moved to New England in the 4th grade, fluffernutters were very popular. We never had them. My mother used to make me (by request) sliced banana and peanut butter on her homemade whole wheat bread.


    • Yeap, fluffernutter sandwiches (PB and Fluff) were big when I was growing up here in MA.
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      • My go to sandwich for years and years was peanut butter and honey. I have never liked marshmallows, something about the texture makes me gag. The one time mom convinced me to eat something different, it was a tuna sandwich and no one would sit next to me because it smelled. No one except my future best friend she is so glad she say through that lunch. I make yummy food for her.

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        • I use to love PB and honey sandwiches, too.

          Not sure it this counts as a "recipe," but does anyone remember the Chun King so-called Chinese food? It was sort of a kit, with dry noodles in the top container and the rest of the glop in a big can. Maybe you made rice to go with it, can't remember. My mom used to fix it occasionally and so did I after moving out on my own. Finally got sick of the taste. A couple of decades later my hubby and I went to a "Chinese restaurant" in the podunk Florida town we lived in then. No Asian people worked there...bad sign. The food tasted exactly like Chun King, must have been spooned out of a big barrel in the back. Yuck!
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          • They actually fed fluffernutter sandwiches to kids? Wow even at my school that wouldn't fly, and they sold cookies the size of a small dinner plate daily. A lot of kids "meals" were cheese fried and a big*** cookie. I'll never imagine how that never became literal.

            My dad will still occasionally buy a pack of Chun king. I always thought it was gross, but I've never been one for sticky soy sauces or a lot of "Chinese" foods. There's a traditional Chinese restaurant here in town in Korea, and I still don't care for it.

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            • No school I ever went to fed kids fluffernutter sandwiches. It was something moms did.

              I went to school before schools sold cookies and soda to kids so they could buy crap instead of lunch. Not that school lunch wasn't essentially crap-like anyway...


              • Just saw this on FB.

                Pickled hot dogs.


                Let's take a disgusting food and make it even more revolting! Do people actually eat this??

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