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  • my abs: a pictorial

    i clearly remember this - ever since i was about 14 or so, i became obsessed with the flatness of my stomach. with puberty came a huge amount of body changes, and in fear of having my gut stick out, i taught myself to stick it in all the time. it became habit and i've been doing it since then. in retrospect, i'm finding that to be really sad.

    i started my fitness quest about 4 years ago after ballooning up to about 200 lbs. the birth of my son and a completely sedentary lifestyle didn't really help me too much. since then, i've lost about 50 lbs, pretty much doing a bunch of CW 'dieting', practically starving myself, yadda yadda.

    i've been fluxuating between the same 10 lbs or so over the past year with the same flaboo in the same places on my bod not going anywhere. i decided another lifestyle change was in order. earlier this year i started 'project 6 pack and a cheesecake' where i was determined to get myself some ab definition before my birthday. i did start out following some CW advice, but later realizing that i was on my way to a PB lifestyle when i stumbled upon MDA around february or so.

    geez ow, i type a lot. anyway, i was digging through some pics this morning, and found a pic of my abs that i took last year, when i was all about P90X [which i still love and tony horton is one funny mofo], chronic cardio, and more grains than you could shake a stick at.

    i was really proud of that picture. and, yes, i was sucking it in, too.

    i've been following a PB lifestyle now for the past 2 months, i'd say 80-90% compliance. i don't 'work out', per se - in fact, i HATE that word. i go outside and have fun. i did start lifting last november with my copy of The New Rules of Lifting for Women. i still have a bit of an issue with sugar and probably drink way too much coffee, but hey! i drink my coffee black now, and this is coming from about 3 *spoonfuls* of sugar in each cup of coffee previous.

    so here are my abs as of now:

    amusingly, i weigh about the same, if not a bit more, in this picture. so, as a lesson to those of you who keep eyeballing that number on the scale: stop it. its only a decent measure of your progress up to a point.

    what is even more awesome is that i am absolutely *not* sucking in my gut here. i no longer have to. that bloated feeling is gone, and i feel so much more relaxed now, and not too worried about anything sticking over my belt. i'm not flexing, and i'm only turned so that the non-movable light source shows the definition properly.

    i actually am on the verge of an 8-pack! i can't believe that - i'd show that but i'd have to get my boobs out of the way

    i still have a bit of a pooch on the lower abs, which i am working on, but instead of beating myself up like i normally do, i thought i'd celebrate the positive and the progress i've made since january.

    next up: project ReduceMyButt.
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    Picture perfect as they say!


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      Me gusta!! You go girl I can see a clear difference in composition and I love your attitude. Keep doing what your doing !


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        I have much more ab definition since PB (see my avatar--that pic was at about 4 weeks in) and do not feel like i am chronically battling bloat. Ah yes, the butt. the final frontier. My butt is quite stubborn but thanks to weighted kickbacks and step-ups it is finally not so sad & flat but it took a year, a whole year, before it started to lift/round.


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          Holy abs Batty!

          That's amazing, particularly given that you achieved such abs in 3 months. There is hope for me yet! Obviously what you are doing is working for you. Wow.


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            One word...WOW!!! OK two words...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!


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              Wow!!! That's serious motivation! I'm more like your before pic at the improvement over where I was a year ago, but not quite where I want to be.
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                Thank you for the motivation.. and congrats to you!!! My quest for nice abs continues.. I'm closing in on my first month and I have noticed some "tightness" since I began.. I hope to stay 100% primal for the next 39 days (heading to the water parks, and the shirt will come off) and see where my abs end up.


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                  Yeah for the MOTIVATION!


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                    What an amazing change, Batty! You're so right about the scale losing relevance when you get fit. Ab definition should take its place as a marker of progress. And your progress is outstanding!

                    Also, I note that you now have a visible iliac crest -- that little line along the hip bone, beloved of ancient greek sculptors. That is a great achievement and you should be proud.

                    What was your carb intake like for the past couple of months?


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                      Awesome, great job! That particular goal hits very close to home for me. I can't wait until I get there too.


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                        Your abs are gorgeous!!!


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                          OMG... I LOVE IT!!! Your tummy looks AMAZING!!! and you were 200 lbs... YOU ROCK even more for that!!!! Thanks for sharing... such a great motivation...


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                            Originally posted by twinmama View Post
                            OMG... I LOVE IT!!! Your tummy looks AMAZING!!! and you were 200 lbs... YOU ROCK even more for that!!!! Thanks for sharing... such a great motivation...
                            She was?!

                            No excess skin??
                            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                              thank you everyone! it's been such an ego boost reading everyones comments this morning - its certainly helped my day at work go by

                              @lolly: yeaaaahhh...i feel ya, sister. all my fat is in my butt and thighs, so i'm just ignoring it for now. its perky thanks to squats and my cycling, but could definitely use some work!

                              @timothy: i tracked my food for a bit, you can see it all here: - i think i really started kicking it into gear in february. you can see the day i kicked my protein bar to the curb, and then my transition to PB. a couple of weeks ago i stopped tracking because i was getting rather ridciulous about it, but did enter stuff a few days last week just out of curiosity. those few days in april are kind of what i'm doing now. ignore the peanut butter - i was really tired, needed the energy, and that's all i had near me.

                              today's food:
                              B: 3 egg omlette with 1/4 avocado, 3 slices uncured bacon [i've been doing this every morning for the past week]
                              L: 6-8oz pot roast, 1/2 avocado, 2 strawberries - the avocado and strawberries i slice and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.
                              S: i MIGHT grab a few almonds or walnuts right before i start dinner to prevent munching. most of the time i don't.
                              D: this will probably be grilled steak tonight, and a BAS with whatever veggies we have in the fridge, tossing in a few walnuts for good measure.

                              and i *do* eat one serving of dark chocolate [72% or higher] a day. it keeps me happier and i have not binged since i've implemented that. so far it has not hindered my goal, but i'll probably reassess that if it does

                              HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal