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my abs: a pictorial

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    Hot damn!


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      good work! hot as all hell.

      ladies abs are the sexiest bloody thing on the planet.
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        Originally posted by batty View Post
        i DO carry it *all* in the butt n thighs dept. everything in the rear is still jiggly. i'll get there.

        yanno, i *thought* i got away without em, but they actually surfaced after i started losing weight. they're not apparent, but they're there. i clocked in at 210 right before i gave birth, then 200 after i know looking like a deflated beachball [i sure as heck did!] sometimes makes you wonder if getting to this point is even remotely possible, but you can!
        You can if there isn't too much damage to the dermis or too much excessive skin. There is a point 'of no return' at which the skin won't bounce back.

        I'm glad yours did

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          Originally posted by cillakat View Post
          There is a point 'of no return' at which the skin won't bounce back.
          +1 I also think muscles have different "bounce back" ability dependent on age and number of pregnancies.

          I have had 3 children, including a set of twins that weighed almost 7 lbs each. I weighed slightly less, when my girls were born, than Batty did post pregnancy. However, my abs are trashed.

          That being said, Batty's abs, and Batty in general, are an inspiration. I just have to balance inspiration with reality.


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            Awesomeness all around. The abs, the EATING, the lifting, the attitude... keep on kicking ass, batty! Love it.


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              Hey Batty, I just started reading your log HANDS OFF MY BACON: batty's primal journal when you mentioned that you had a success storie and WOW!! fantastic work, I'M going to enjoy reading your log. Kepp up the great work. hmmmm 201 pages i see. Its going to be interesting
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