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My dads experience at the doctor

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  • My dads experience at the doctor

    My dad is the reason I found my way to Primal.

    He's diabetic type 2, and recently lost a lot of weight on a grain-free, very-low carb diet. He's also off insulin and medication, except for statins prescribed by his cardiologist. He told me the other day that at his cardiologist appointment, the doctor was amazed that he'd virtually reversed his diabetes and so was his nurse who confessed that she was also type 2 diabetic and struggling with her health. I asked if he told them how he did it. He said that he did and, luckily, they didn't react badly...apparently this doc is a little more new-school.
    Gives me hope hearing that.

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    Nice one Dad! I didn't get as far as Type 2 Diabetes but I was on two different blood pressure medications, statins and a steroid inhaler for late onset asthma. Dropped 60lbs since last March and stopped all meds. The inhaler was the last to go at the beginning of January. As it has been seven weeks, I think I'm done with it. Mind you, at present I still keep the steroid and "emergency" inhalers handy just in case.

    I have hit a weight plateau, so as I am doing some strength training, claiming that I am now turning fat to muscle and that's what's stopping me losing more weight at present. At 5' 11" 180 - 183 lbs is the top end of "normal" for non athletes and I see that I still have some blubber to get rid of. However, I am now much more aware of what I am shovelling past my lips and accept my transgressions (wine, chocolate, potatoes & pistachios) as treats. I would like to be 165 -170 lbs (or 34-36" waist) for my 63rd birthday in May.
    Why use a sledge hammer to crack a nut when a steam roller is even more effective, and, is fun to drive.


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      Thanks Nigel. I'm glad you find Primal helpful too.

      Good luck and hopefully you'll be close to your goal when you celebrate your b-day!