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    Right then. I think I've spent most of my adult life attempting to be healthy. On the one hand I exercised fairly regularly (Chronic Cardio! Woo!), and ate a healthy diet with lots of pasta and whole grains (I know, I know). On the other hand I smoked, and could sometimes binge on huge amounts of junk food. Especially pizza.

    Then I not only find that I'm doing the wrong exercise, I'm eating the wrong food as well! When I thought I was being good. Talk about unfair. Which brings me to here.

    I turned 29 yesterday. After a final celebratory pizza chocolate cake insulin boost, I got to thinking. If I carry on in a non primal way (I do try, but seem to eat pizza a lot), I've got about 50 years left, assuming I survive as long as my grandfather did. If I live primally, there are some studies that say a lifespan of 115-130 years is possible before organ failure. That's another 35-50 years.

    I could use another 35-50 years.

    This is me now:


    I though I'd give 80:20 primal living a try for a couple of months, then see what I look like. If it works, I'll keep going for the next 100 years....

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    So what's happened in day 1?

    Didn't eat until the afternoon (just didn't get round to it), then had mozerella, salad, chorizo and olive oil. Should be having sausage and cabbage layer for dinner.

    Exercise wise, I picked a set of four different exercises, then used a deck of playing cards to decide how many of each one to do. I did this twice. First set was shoulder press (10kg), flutter kicks, squats and side jack-knife. Second set was press ups, wide press ups, crunches and atomic crunches. I also made a 50kg sandbag. That's a fair amount of effort on its own. I'll post how I get on with a bag workout when I do one later this week.


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      Sausage and cabbage layer is awesome.

      Blanch 1 chopped savoy cabbage (~750g) for 4 minutes.
      Grease a casserole dish with butter.
      Layer 1/3 of the cabbage, followed by 200g sausage meat, salt and pepper. Repeat, then top with the remaining 1/3 of cabbage and 25g of butter.

      Cook for 2 hours at 150oC.

      Woke up this morning feeling relaxed and peckish, so had tuna steak and salad for breakfast. Spent the day walking into town and ambling around the market buying meat. Does anybody have any good ribs recipes?

      Dinner was chickory, sausages, mushroom and a creamy ham and onion sauce. Looked amazing, tasted fantastic, and having eaten the whole plateful I feel full without being bloated and sleepy. THis is progress I feel.

      This is dinner. Tomorrow is sandbag workouts and belly pork:
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