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Life without Gallstones

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  • Life without Gallstones

    As of now, with gallstone surgery, there is only one option which is gallbladder surgery that removes the gallbladder and gallstones through several small cuts in the abdomen.

    One of the side effects of gallbladder removal can be the dumping of bile which is now not as easily regulated and can send someone running to the bathroom immediately after eating. Not to mention abdominal pain, nausea, gas and bloating are common following after that.

    Not everyone knows about this yet, there is a surgery that would only include removing the gallstone from the gallbladder. Thus, after this, everything is cured including zero pain and other of those symptoms. Check this link for the detailed experience and judge for yourself. Gallstone removal experience: My life with gallstone and without it

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    This is really nice detailed information on the operation carried out. I have heard that it can be cured at early stages through medicines is it right. Even i know one site londongiassociates that provides consultation on such problems.


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      One if the main reasons I went primal was because I was having some major gallbladder problems and the doctor wanted to remove it. Witching a few days all symptoms went away and I'm fine now. I dropped 28 pounds in the first month and never felt better


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        you are right,I dropped 28 pounds in the first month and never felt better ,thanks


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          lol, look at all the fake replies, too!
          Crohn's, doing SCD