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Three Weeks of Primal!

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  • Three Weeks of Primal!

    Hello all!

    Last year, I stopped eating pasta, which I had been eating a lot. Instead I switched to dark rice. That change made me lose several pounds, and it also showed me that change is possible. This fall, after reading many of the Success Stories where people have changed their eating habits and lives, I decided to follow in their footsteps. No more pasta, no more bread. And no more candy, which I used to eat often. I would like to see if I get any extra energy, like so many have written about; if I feel a decrease in hunger; if it improves my health; and if I lose any weight. (My health was and is fine, and I weighed 167 pounds, but still, you can always improve.) Three weeks later, I would like to share how I got over the first threshold.

    First three days. No rice and no bread made me feel like I was going crazy. How could I get by without bread for breakfast, and without rice both lunch and dinner? It felt like something big was missing. Luckily I had stacked up on lots of different vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat, egg, fish, honey, so that I would always have something new to eat to distract me. This made for a much more varied diet than usual, and that helped.

    After a week. Still felt slightly hungry all the time after a week, but I could get by. Also, lost 3.3 pounds in one week!

    After two weeks. Hunger gone, and lost a total of 6.6 pounds by now. I didn't have to eat as much to stave off hunger as when I used to eat bread and rice every day. I also don't feel any desire to eat candy, potato chips, ice cream or anything in that area. When visiting a friend I had some bread and potatoes, because it was on the menu, and I could eat it knowing it wouldn't make me fall back in the trap or ruin my diet: I remember the 80-20 rule, and I know that I eat primal at least 95 percent of the time, so I'm not worried at all. This is important for me, to be able to eat something high-carb from the meals cooked by friends and family without feeling like the sky is falling.

    After three weeks. No problems at all now! Except that I actually should eat more calories; I eat too little and still don't feel hungry during the day. 8.8 pounds lost in total. This is also when I realize that I have no desire to go back to a high-carb diet, similar to the feeling last year when I had been without pasta for a couple of weeks. Now my diet is controlled by me, not an irrational desire. Primal is the new normal.

    So thank you Mark, and all those who share their success stories. I will stick to a healthy, tasty, refreshing, and satisfying diet from now on. This works fine!
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    Good job, glad to hear of the change and that you've lost good weight
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      After being on a Paleo diet now for over 9 months and having lost 48 lbs. I had forgotten the early challenges and thrills of the first few weeks on the diet. Thanks for the reminder and wishing you great success!
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        I just started week 3 myself an have begun to notice that while I'm hungry for breakfast and lunch I don't feel a need to eat dinner. This is very odd for me and its a little nerve racking but it seems to be normal. Glad to be part of the community and starting this lifestyle.


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          Great job! Keep it up!
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            Thanks for the reminder and wishing you great success!


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              yeah, i agree, glad to hear of the change and that you've lost good weight,thank you


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                Thank you folks! Four weeks now, doing fine. My weight is the same as a week ago, my ideal level I think, and in contrast to other things that could be done to lose weight, like a whole lot of jogging, I know this is something that can be easily maintained.

                Strange how normal it feels. In Swedish there are two words for diet: diet which is what you do temporarily to lose weight, and kost which means your normal eating habits. Primal Diet should definitely not be translated to primaldiet, but to primalkost.

                Waiting to see if I will feel that extra energy people talk about, or any other effects. Not that I am that tired now, though. But more importantly, I think the primal diet is a good way to prepare for when you get older. When I am in my forties I don't want to say, "I wish I had started doing something sooner to improve my health." I want to say, "I'm glad I came prepared!" An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

                (And on that note: remember to floss!)

                Originally posted by canuck416 View Post
                After being on a Paleo diet now for over 9 months and having lost 48 lbs. I had forgotten the early challenges and thrills of the first few weeks on the diet. Thanks for the reminder and wishing you great success!
                That's what I was thinking, it is always interesting for those who just start out to see what others have to say about that first time period. And I want to be able to go back and check in a few months to compare. Good to see so many stories about people's long-term results too. Even though you hear and read about the thoughts behind the primal diet, what really makes you try it out is other people's experiences.