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My Before & Almost After Pics - 135lbs. Gone!

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words and comments and thanks ladies for the fine compliments! You've all made my day!

    To answer some of your questions:

    Did you have much support at home when you decided to go low-carb, or did you have to go it alone?

    I went at it alone. I live alone, go to the gym alone, go hiking alone etc... I'm not really a hermit or anything - it just works out that I'm single and don't have a gym or hiking partner either. I can say that when I went to visit my parents, when I first started low carbing, and it was really noticeable that I was losing a lot of weight - my mother kept insisting that I was starving myself to death. She couldn't understand the concept that fat doesn't make us fat; sugar and starch makes us fat. She still doesn't and I'm tired of trying to explain it.

    What made you go for PB instead of your previous VLC method? Have you noticed any difference in your energy or body composition in the short time you've been primal?

    I like the concept of PB as a lifestyle choice; not just a diet. Like I mentioned in my first post, PB is more than just what we eat... my lifting has gone from splits, pyramids & high rep work to low rep, heavy weight core exercises. The 5X5 program is excellent and will give you serious gains. Also, I was doing way too much cardio. I switched to a low intensity (I keep my heart rate around the 120bpm mark) for most of the hour or so I'm doing it - doesn't matter if I'm walking, riding the bike or whatever else - and knock out 8-10 full blown 30 second sprints in there. In my opinion, this turns your body into a fat burning machine rather than the stressed out and aching body that long and intense cardio sessions brought me.

    Again, it's only two weeks since I've switched routines but my energy level has improved greatly and so has my sleep. I will update as I progress... In fact, I plan on starting a journal here as well.

    I imagine people who know you have been blown away by the change. Any amusing stories? I got a compliment myself today when I came back from my run and passed a coworker I hadn't seen in a little while: "Damn, you working-out-people are craaaazy!"

    Nothing too amusing to report on this one. My co-workers see me constantly so they were used to my "bizarre" way of eating that was "sure to kill me" and my family... well, they too, think I'm nuts. It's cool running into an old friend that I haven't seen in a couple of years though - their jaws usually hit the floor when they see me. It's a great feeling!

    34" waist @ 225. You sir are a beast. In a good way that is.

    Well, I'm just shy of 6' tall and my weight is distributed fairly evenly throughout my body. When I was super fat, I was super fat all over... I didn't have the typical male beer belly type of fatness. In my opinion, I look heavier in those pictures then I do in person - but many thanks for the compliment. It sure feels good to be called a beast for the right reason :-)
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      Wow... absolutely FANTASTIC! You should be extremely proud of yourself!

      Very nice.


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        Thanks for the background, Greg. That is truly awesome that you did this on your own -- no spouse or significant other, not even a roommate. I wonder, how did you decide to make this change? Did you just suddenly snap one day, or was it a more gradual transition? Did you have any false starts?

        Worried that you're starving yourself to death, haha! I've had that comment a couple of times. Once some people have a mental image of you as overweight, it's like they can't imagine you could actually be healthy any other way. Or that you must be compromising your health in order to be thin -- perhaps an eating disorder. So silly! Can't they see all the muscle, all the energy? Given enough time, I expect they'll forget they even said those things. And I expect your example is already having a subtle, positive effect on the eating and lifestyle habits of those who know you.

        It's great to have you on the forums and I'm really excited to see where you go from here!


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          You're actually a lot bigger in the after picture. Nothing that a little photo reformatting wont fix. hehe

          Seriously though, awesome transformation. You look so much healthier and your face alone de-aged by 20 years! Kudos to you and keep it up!!


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            Thank you, Diana

            Timothy: My pleasure!

            To answer your questions - Yes, in short, I just decided that enough was enough and I was tired of being a fat lazy slob. In fact, I started on a Tuesday night - I stopped the excuses and dropped the "I'll start in the morning or I'll start fresh next Monday" crap. I just went for it and haven't looked back. I also met a new Dr., who has became a good friend of mine - he was the one who tuned me in to the low carb lifestyle. Aside from being a family physician and low carb advocate, he's also a biochemist. He's the real deal and simply brilliant!

            Well, it's clear at this point that I'm not starving myself to death lol. The comments on that have since stopped. However, explaining the way I eat in any other way aside from simply saying "I dropped the sugars and starches" is pointless. Getting into the biochemical facts behind this correct way of eating with people turns into a nightmare. Especially if the person happens to be a nutritionist, dietician or any other health care professional who adheres to the propaganda endorsed by America's health organizations.

            Icme: Not only has my face de-aged by 20 years - more importantly, I probably added at least 20 more healthy years to my life!
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              Awesome job dude, seriously great work!

              Care to give us a quick run down of what you did and didn't eat? I mean, most PBers are very similar, but still...

              A friend of mine is giving the PB a shot, he's done atkins before with results but always fell off the wagon and gained weight back. I explained how the PB is more about quality of foods instead of just replacing sugar for sweeteners, and consuming artificial stuff. I think he's been good so far because I just saw him after a few weeks and his face is already slimming, he's lost 25lbs! in just about 35 days. He says he knows he can stick to the eating plan, but he's got an aversion to working out with weights mostly because since he's still overweight he feels he doesn't belong. Once May comes around and I don't have my school gym available I'm going to sign up to his gym (24hr fitness) and find times when it's sort of empty so he and I can get some lifting done without him feeling self-conscious next to the guido types that live in our area and inundate our gyms. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread Greg!
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                No worries iniQuity, you didn't hijack my thread. These are relevant questions I'd be happy to answer for you!

                I started as a very low carber (sub 10g p/day) - my staple foods were all meats, fowl and fish, animal fat, very little vegetation, healthy oils, and full fat dairy. Since I've gone Primal, I have cut out the dairy completely. I have done this by choice as I continue to lose body fat. I do not gain weight eating butter, cheese and cream but it has proven to be no help to me to include them in my foods while trying to drop another couple inches off my waistline. I have also upped my carb intake daily to 30 - 50g p/day.

                One of the keys to my success with my weight loss was understand that this is a way of life; not a fad diet or a quick fix. My best advice is to throw away the scale or use it once per month, as a tool, to make sure you're on track with what you're eating to reach your goals.

                Regarding the exercise: There is no reason to feel you don't belong. First of all, most people are in their own world while in the gym working out. No one is staring you down thinking "hey look at the fat guy". That's all in your mind. When I started I was 360lbs. and went 3x per week to walk 20 mins at 2.5 on the treadmill - because that's all I was able to handle. As I lost weight, my workouts progressed. Things take time - nothing happens overnight. You didn't put the weight on in one week and it's not going to come off in one week. Follow a plan, put your heart and soul into it, and you'll get there... I guarantee you that.
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                  Awesome work, Grok - eh, Greg! That is a massive transformation. Very, very inspiring! Keep on grokking.
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                    Damn dude you are my idol