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    i also purchased this book.
    started going to bed earlier. around 10pm give or take around a 1/2 hr. i now wake up at 7am almost on the dot every day. before i was up til around 2-3am and getting up at 10am, so a big improvement. im the only one atm doing this, my husband has some insomniac tendencies so he's out in the front room playing video games or watching tv til 2am still. live and let live, i dont push him to do anything he doesnt want to do. if he wants to come to bed early with me thats wonderful, if he wants to stay up playing call of duty thats his prerogative too.
    its light out here until around 7:30pm and only getting later. summertime around july its light out until 10pm.
    ill work on getting to bed earlier as time goes on, baby steps.
    "The first wealth is health."
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    After reading Marks post on how light affects our sleep

    Here (Hope that works) I talked to my Family and starting last Saturday we have been turning off all TV's Computers, and electric lights each night at 7:30pm. I have been accused of trying to save money on the electric bill and of trying to burn the house down with candle light, but after 3 nights everyone seems to be adapting nicely.

    I have always suffered with Seasonal Affected Disorder and began using a Dawn simulator this year before going Primal, but this seems to be an even better solution. Both of my kids were in bed and asleep last night by 9:00pm which never happens. I have been waking up early each morning at about 4:30am full of energy instead of getting up at 5:30am (with the dawn simulator) without any early morning brain fog.

    I told my family this would last till Friday night, but I can see making this a lifestyle instead of an experiment.

    Anyone else made any changes? I would love to hear if anyone else has tried this since reading the post.

    Strive for healthy today.

    Satisfaction is the death of desire.


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      I got f.lux for my computer, got yellow lights for night time, drink valerian tea, and play nature sounds while I sleep.

      All together, its turned my night-owlish ways to getting to sleep/up on time!!!
      Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!