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Thanks Mark - What a great program!

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  • Thanks Mark - What a great program!

    Hey all,

    I haven't been a massive forum contributor - just reading and lurking rather than posting.

    I just wanted to share my amazing success thus far. I was put onto the Paleo/Primal/Whole30 wagon by a friend of mine who is a Personal Trainer.

    I had always been a little overweight - I have amazing parents and my mum never wanted me to feel bad about the extra pudge so always told me it was "...puppy fat" so I never worried about it much (even when I was 20 I still called it puppy fat.....).

    This year I hit 117.8kgs on the scales at gym - thats about 259lb for you playing in the US. I was appalled, shocked and upset. I knew I was fat, I knew I was unfit but that was stupid! My friend had been trying to get me onto PB for a while but I think I needed to hit that horrible weight to realise that I had a problem and needed to fix it.

    My pre-primal diet was super healthy (lol...or I thought it was) - Breakfast: 4 WeatBix + 250ml Lite Milk + 2 Tablespooons of Sugar (cause if you have ever tasted WeatBix you will know you need a hell of a lot of sugar to make them tasty!); Lunch: Ham & Cheese Sandwich on MultiGrain Bread, Plus Banana, Plus Rice Crackers, Plus a Fruit/Biscuit Bar; Dinner: Was a frozen Microwave Healthy Meal, Lasagne, etc.

    So in my head I was eating well - what was unhealthy about that!

    Anyway I started Primal on 11 August 2012 - My last pre-primal meal was a McDonalds Quarter Pounder Meal, I only went Medium not large. I have been maybe 90% paleo/primal since then - except for a short 2 week holiday when I ate a lot of Rice and some Bread.

    My current weight is 104.8kg (230lb) so I have lost 13kg (28lb) in a little over 1 month. My goal is to get to 90kg (198lb) so only about 14.8kg to go - I know that the weight loss will slow down now I have purged the Cola and Sugar out of my diet.

    I can't believe I can lose weight whilst eating this amazing food - I sound like a dodgy info-mercial "I lost 13kg without giving up fatty foods...send $100 and I will tell you how!" - but my lunch now is usually a beef or chicken fry up with a huge big ass salad, by workmates hate when I cook lunch in our work kitchen because I am frying up bacon, beef, chicken and mixing an awesome salad, or steaming some veges - then they look at their sandwich or takeaway curry and wish they had my lunch.

    I haven't got a Before and After pic yet, because I am not at the AFTER stage yet, but I just wanted to post this as a progress report. The lifestyle works - and I can't stop telling everyone about it, I am pretty sure I am a real buzz-kill at parties and functions now because I can't stop talking about Paleo/Primal.

    Thanks all.
    Starting Weight (11 August 2012) - 117.8 kgs (259lbs)
    Current Weight - 94.4kgs (207lbs) (as at 14/01/2013) -23.4kgs (51lbs) lost to date.
    Goal Weight - 90kgs (198lbs)

    "Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere" - Van Wilder

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    Your results sound awesome, great job! This really is such a great lifestyle!
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