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Spacey47! Success Now with Before and After pictures aged 48 years

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  • Spacey47! Success Now with Before and After pictures aged 48 years

    I decided to take a few pics to measure and show my improvement and to put my money where my mouth is ..i.e. not BS!

    I have edited the pictures to hide family members and put on sunglasses as i would rather not be personally identifiable me paranoid!

    Anyhoo here it is.

    In the Fat pictures i am about 205lbs and in the beach one possibly heavier

    in the good ones im 168lbs and feeling a bit under the weather ..taken this am and i have a mild chest infection
    The grey t shirt is a training top never wear it out the house!

    Never ever posted a picture of myself on an internet site before not even facebook!
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    Damn. I'm 23 and almost all of my friends would trade their shape for yours. Keep at it.


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      Um... wow. Very impressive.
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      "...since our orthodox theories have not saved us we may have to readjust them to bring them into harmony with Nature's laws. Nature must be obeyed, not orthodoxy." Weston A. Price


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        super job. care to share a little info like workout routine, hardest part, what worked for you or what didnt. very good results


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          Dang, you look 30....

          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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            Holy shit. Wowsa!!
            Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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              It's hard to even believe the photos are of the same guy! Congrats.
              “If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” --Audre Lorde

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                Thanks for all your positive feedback, its very unlike me to post pictures of myself so your encouragement is much appreciated

                As you can probably infer from the pictures I am a Dad (My son just turned 5) and he is a large part of my motivation to get into shape, basically I want to be around to watch him not only grow up but to also be able to physically interact with him, : play and Sports. I have always done so but now its a lot easier!

                It also for my own benefit and as i said in my previous post there is no better feeling than being in shape and healthy. You keep that feeling 24/7 unlike many other of lifes pleasures that come and go in moments.

                Not that she is a role model of mine but the model Kate Moss once said

                'Nothing tastes nicer than slim' and i have to agree with her

                As to what works the main thing for me in terms of training and eating is consistency, you have to keep at it and when the scales dont budge for a week or 2 dont get disheartened, although i lost weight fairly consistently i have had a few times when it appeared to stop and then suddenly 2lbs would go in less than a week so it is not totally linear. In terms of training i doubt i have missed more than 2 sessions in 5 months and that is this week as i am feeling a bit under the weather

                Enjoy and celebrate the small successes, i.e. belt goes down a notch, someone says you look good etc.

                Also use negative comments to spur you on. Someone said to me 'Are you having a midlife crisis!'

                I said of course I am i dont want to be out of shape at my age and feeling crap I wish i had had one earlier!

                My official training schedule is constantly progressive by which i mean i am always trying to do more in the same amount of time than i have done before to maintain momentum and keep challenging myself. I also do a lot of walking as part of my daily routine and chasing around after a higly active 5 year old helps to

                My training consists of a 2 On 1 Off schedule, ie. i train two days in a row and then have a rest day and the repeat, I train early in the morning usually before anyone else has woken up and on an empty stomach, i rarely eat in the morning at all

                Training day 1
                45 minute Non stop Weights and body weight training circuit with a 5 minute warm up/cool down and stretch before and after . Ttoal time is about an hour

                A typical circuit is like this and i repeat it 4X with little or no rest inbetween exercises depending on my energy levels,

                80-90 Kettle bell swings with a 16kg KB or 70-80 squats holding it, 30-40 stiff legged deadlifts with about 30kg,
                40-45 shoulder press with 20 kg, 30 basket ball type jump shots with a 5kg weight as the imaginary balll, 50- 70 press ups body weight, 40-45 bent over barbell rows with 30kg, on the spot sprint for a count of 60 steps as fast as possible, then 15 reps each side nice and slow to recover a bit 2 punches and 1 kick karate style and then start again

                After i have done 4 circuits i throw in 2 more rounds of on the spot sprinting and the karate punches and kicks

                Training day 2
                45 minute 'Hard' Bicycle ride.. Attack the hills, sprint on the flats as much as possible and relax and recover going down hills

                Day 3 No training just walking, play with number one (and only)Son actually do that most days!

                I am quite scientific about my approach to food 'MOST' of the time. 2 things that really help are a set of scales to weigh what i eat and the smartphone app 'My Fat Secret' to record my diet and exercise.

                It sounds fussy but its actually really easy to do and its easy to track your food,training and weight loss, i highly recommend it

                Bsaically I try to stay under my estimated calorie needs by around 500 on average each day, sometimes more sometimes less but overall.

                I have regular cheat days , my 'Last Meal' on deathrow would be Rack of baby ribs with fries and coleslaw and a huge icecream with chocolate sauce, in fact most days i eat some icecream.

                Most of what i eat is very healthy and primal based lots of turkey, chicken, steak, lamb, pork and fish, lots and lots of greens, broccolli, asparagus, Kale, carrots (all steamed) sweet potato and now and then a little white rice

                Fruit wise i eat bananas, apples and cherries but not too much

                I never eat nuts although i love them, i drink a moderate amount of water tea or coffee very little alcohol maybe a bottle of pear cider once or twice a month

                Thats it , basically i would say im about 85/15 split good primal to treat food,

                One good benefit of training hard is that you can eat more and still stay in a caloric deficit

                thats about it

                thanks again


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                  What a role model you are for your son as he grows up.
                  Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                    Can't believe the transformation between the beach and tshirt in bedroom photos. You should be really proud.
                    No sign of middle age spread on you.


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                      You are 48? Seriously, dude, you look nothing like the 48 yr olds I see. Great job. Be very, very proud.
                      Age 48
                      Start date: 7-5-12
                      GOAL: to live to be a healthy and active 100

                      "In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties."
                      Henri Frederic Amiel


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                        Great job! Looks like you are in your late 20s.
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                          Hot dammmmmmmmmn!!!!!!!! That's all. Drool short circuiting my keyword now.


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                            UPDATE ..Keeping at it

                            now that i have actually gone under my goal weight by 3lbs i weigh myself less and in my mind now im just keeping fit and eating well, however the good habits are now ingrained and so my body is still changing albeit a little more slowly .

                            its often clothes or that you notice, certains jeans that were snug now feel loose, a shirt or jacket suddenly feels a bit bigger etc and its often as a suprise

                            I hit a personal mile stone today by accident, when i was 19 years old i weighed 158 lbs and had a 28 inch waist, i had a weightbelt
                            that was sized 28-38 inches and i had to get to extra holes put an inch further back as it felt too loose training.

                            I still use that same belt 29 years later when i do kettle bell swings/deadlifts and rowing exercises

                            this morning when i put the belt on without thinking about it i put it straight on those additional holes that i put in at the age of 19!

                            I felt like i had turned the clock back nearly 30 years, in January of this year i would have just got the belt on the loosest hole!


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                              Wow! You really look fantastic and sound like you are feeling great.
                              I really needed to read this because sometimes I just think,"Why to I even try?"
                              At 40+ it seems impossible to get back to that state of fitness that I was at in my late 20's and early 30's.
                              It FEELS impossible! Kids and their schedules rule my world, as soon as I get into routine something happens that blows
                              it and it always frustrates me to the point where I just throw in the towel.
                              After looking out what a little (or a lot of) willpower can do I motivated to get off this computer and onto the treadmill
                              to get a couple of miles under my feet before the before school rush. (Still dark outside). That is after I head to the freezer and pull out some ground beef and chicken so it can thaw. No more excuses!

                              Thank you! I needed to see this.