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Overdue message of gratitude to Mark and my success story.

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  • Overdue message of gratitude to Mark and my success story.

    Like the title of my post says, this "Thank you" to Mark is overdue.
    It is difficult to conceive of any example of the unique achievement Mark Sisson has reached with his blog, books and dispersal of intellectual property.
    I won't belabor repeating the nature of primal living, if you're reading this, you already know it's high value.
    What I want to address is how Mark has literally provided the blueprint for extending and in some case saving the lives of millions of people. He gives away an incredible amount of intellectual property and does not hold hostage critical information in search of further profit.
    He does what the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization should be doing, steering humanity towards true health.
    I applaud Mark for what may truly be the most philanthropic business I have every seen. You give us the means to achieve maximum health. You charge a reasonable fee for some printed material to realize a profit and grow your message. You direct us to similar products. And you advertise a product line of supplements that don't dominate your blog or books or pressure us into purchasing them.
    Your business model is both noble, profitable, interesting and entertaining. It must be very rewarding for you. Congratulations, and thank you.

    Now my success story.

    I was introduced to the Primal Blueprint when my wife finished reading the book, "Wheatbelly". She began her own research into the perils of eating grains which lead her to The Primal Blueprint. We bought it, and read it together and it was clear that this was no "diet" book.
    We started within days of having read the book. It was mid November 2011.
    By January 1st 2012, I was down 40lbs.
    205lbs at the beginning, now range between 165 and 175 lbs. Usually hovering around the 170 lb mark. 42 years old, 6 ft tall.
    I work in a male dominated industry and it is part of our culture to employ dark humor on one another. Comments I was getting ranged from how healthy I looked to having H.I.V. to undergoing chemo therapy and suggestions to "eat a sandwich". Despite the dark nature of some of them, all were meant and received as compliments.
    My wife has her own success story and I won't propose to tell it here for her.
    When we were comfortable with the effects primal living was having on our lifestyles we new we must include our children. (10 year old daughter and 14 year old son).
    There was a period of adjustment to how we shopped, how we prepared meals and how we engaged in physical activities. It was about 3 weeks of growing pains and from time to time we still struggle with some things. But overall it has been life altering for the better.
    Prior to going Primal, I would average about one headache a week and they would last for a day or two. I often felt bloated. My energy was always low and my mood was often down.
    I have had two short lasting headaches since last November. I never feel bloated (Unless I stumble and either through circumstance or the occasional bout of laziness I consume a meal with wheat).
    I now have high energy, and I am usually in a very good mood.
    My children continue to grow while living primal. They feel sick when they cheat and consume wheat or sugar and the acne that previously populated my sons face almost completely went away. With the daily application of coconut oil on his skin the acne has completely gone away. (The merits of coconut oil are the subject of another thread on another day)
    Seven months after beginning I had my blood work done. My GP, who I have never seen animated, was amazed at the difference in my cholesterol health from my previous blood work. I was not considered as having "bad" cholesterol before, but the dramatic change in my ratio and cholesterol make up was extremely good. He told me that what ever I am doing to keep doing it. He said he has never seen better cholesterol in any other patient. I told him what I had been doing and he was shocked. He said he would have to reconsider what he has been telling his patients all these years.
    I have always been modestly active, but in the last year I have increased my activity from playing hockey in one recreational league (30 games) to playing in two leagues, (80 games), badminton at least twice a week, stand up paddle boarding (Thanks for introducing me, Mark) twice a week and occasional 5 km marathons.
    I am faster and stronger than I have ever been and I weigh what I did when I was twenty years old.
    My next goal is to increase my muscle strength through focused exercise, I am open to suggestions and appreciated any that are offered. My hurdle when it comes to this subject is that exercise for me needs to be fun and interesting and preferably different each time, or I run the risk of losing interest and disembarking.
    That's my story. Kind regards, everyone.


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    Congratulations on your inspiring success!
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