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  • No going back now - Clothes Purge!

    I think it's common for most people not to utilise every item in their wardrobe, and I think that becomes especially true after you've lost weight. My weight has been steady now for the past 4 months or so, and I'm happy where I am.

    So..finally decided to purge that wardrobe, I wasn't wearing 60% of what was in there. Out went the shapeless, concealing work clothes, the baggy house clothes and even the stuff that used to fit, but now looks terrible because of the weight loss. Its a little bit scary, but it's all motivation to stop me filling my gut with pasta (like I need more, but you know).

    Anyone else had a purge after their weight loss? How long did you wait before you did it?
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    I have to confess, I was terrified to purge my closet after my 50 lb weight loss. I honestly couldn't wear the clothes anymore, but my weight loss was very easy on primal and I sort of felt that purging the closet was going to jinx me in to gaining it all back! My clothes weren't even nice, but I put them all in a vaccuum bag, shrunk them down and stored them in the garage.

    Congrats of the weight loss!!
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      I did this two weeks ago. I went and put together all my size 18s and threw them out. It made me feel a little bit anxious. But I'm almost a 14 now, so I told myself, no way was I going back! Ditch them!

      Congrats to you and Jammies on the weightloss!


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        I have suggested a couple of times that we start up a Primal recycling network so the person ingrowing the 14s could send them on to the person ingrowing the 16s and so on down the line. All it would take would be a database and then, for the cost of postage, everybody could get new clothes.

        I went through sizes so quickly on the way down that I ended up donating stuff that still had the tags in it, never even worn. Now I wish I had kept at least one pair of 16s just to do one of those "after" shots of size 6 person in size 16 pants. But, at the time I just wanted then out of my closet. I knew that if i kept them around, i was "giving myself permission" to backslide.


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          I'd love to be a part of a clothes recycling network - it was awful to see all those clothes piled up - but I think the postage to Australia would be a bit $$! This weekend we are taking them to a swap meet/car boot sale, and everything we don't sell is going to the charity shop.

          It was definetely a bit tempting to keep some things 'just in case', but I was strong!
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            I was just having this conversation with my neighbor on a walk today. I get most of my clothes second hand and am happy to recycle the bigger ones back to the thrift store. I love when I pull something out of my closet that I used to wear and it is too big, too baggy, or too frumpy for the new me. Into the recycling bag with it! I'm not quite at my goal size yet, so this is an ongoing thing. I hope to have fewer but nicer clothes going forward.

            I don't know about your neighborhood thrift store, but ours has lots of designer clothes, especially in the smaller sizes. I'm glad I picked up some once too small outfits this last year. They look great on me now! And the money goes to a great cause.
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              A male checking in....

              I've also done the clothes purge. We moved recently, and actually went down in closet size, so some of it was necessary anyway. But, anything that had an XL on it or a 38 or above, got the boot! I took a lot to a local consignment shop that accepts men's clothes, and have made over $200! I got a new pair of 34" bootcut 7 For all Mankind jeans. I just tried them on and they fit without sucking in my belly. Needless to say, that was a good thing. They're still a little tight on my derrier, but I could get away wearing them out. A few more pounds ---> watch out ladies, don't get caught staring.

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                I was stuffing myself into size 16 pants when I started and am now comfortably in a 10. Fortunately, I had some old 14s stashed to fill in on the way down. But I've gotten rid of everything (Good Will) as soon as it was big enough that I looked silly in it. I'm not going back!
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                  Originally posted by Goosejuggler View Post
                  Anyone else had a purge after their weight loss? How long did you wait before you did it?

                  I just finally gave in and donated my size 28s a few months ago, along with the size 18s I could no longer wear. It was traumatic, because I had been stable at size 28 long enough to actually invest in some really nice stuff that I bought *new*! (I never buy new.) .

                  I had to finally admit that I was never going to wear it again, and I was unlikely to get it taken in at this point Becuase taking it in from size 28 to size 14/16 would probably cost more than just buying some nice stuff in my new size. Besides, someone is going to be very excitied to find actualy nice stuff in a size that's hard to find in thrift shops. And there is a lot more to choose from in smaller sizes...
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                    I may not count, since I do a closet purge on a seasonal basis. The day I got back down to a 2, all the legitimate 4s (I have a couple articles from brands that never vanity sized) and 6s went away. All the size small stuff that was now rather shapeless on me went away. I was determined not to have any excuse to gain weight in the form of clothes that'd let me.
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                      I broke down recently and started purging my pants to the salvation army. Since starting primal, I have dropped from a 46 pant to a 40. My 40s are getting a bit loose too...My goal when I started was to get back into 38s, which I haven't been in more than 5 years and it has been so easy that I am going to have to reevaluate my goal before too long.
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                        Several times I've started a thread offering the clothes I can no longer wear to someone who needs them but every time I've erased it (not sure why). But I recently gave them to a large family (ha!) who really, REALLY needed them so I don't feel too guilty.

                        A clothing exchange on here would be a FABULOUS idea! I have tons of clothes in various sizes and vacuum sealed plastic bags just waiting for me to get down to those sizes, so every month or so I do a wardrobe purge. I'm not sure what I'd do without the securiy of those stashed clothes.

                        When I hit clothes sizes that the family-in-need cannot use (lots of ages and sizes in that family) I really will post it here... I pick up lots of nice stuff in Greenwich,CT area tag sales so some of those clothes are really nice!

                        It took a long time to get used to wearing clothes that FIT instead of the baggy ones I kept wearing.
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                          There must be enough folk on here in the US who live close enough to start a swap, no? I've no idea how you would organise it though :S
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                            I bought two pairs of new jeans, nice brand, size 9&10 (different styles) and ditched everything bigger because these looked good. Couple weeks later they were too big, sooooooo annoying. A belt keeps them up but the effect is disappointing because they are loose. I have kept them, because they are the nicest things I own, but I live in the size 8s that I picked up from the op shop for $1 each. (Too scared to spend money again in case I either regain, or drop more by accident).
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                              A few weeks back, I took advantage of the Connecticut sales tax holiday on clothes to buy a few pairs of cargo shorts, 34" waist. Now they're too big.

                              Since the weather's turning colder, I've had to resort to wearing 30 year old, grungy and faded BDU trousers because none of my pants fit. (I tried on some trousers when shopping for the shorts - mountain biking + martial arts = big thighs, so those that fit OK in the waist tended to be tight in the legs.)