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    Hey all!

    Funny that this thread is here - I was just dreaming about what I'll wear when I hit my goal weight. Beyond the obvious health component, looking good in clothes is up there as a motivator. Has anyone mentioned consignment shopping yet?

    I work at a job where the dress code is business casual. Love to thrift and antique - do it for hours - but sometimes it's easier to shop if the process is a little more curated, especially if all you need is basic, work-appropriate attire. The last time I went to a consignment shop, I ended up with four sweaters for $30 - all major brands in very good shape. Just wanted to throw that out there as a resource. I know that when I lose the bulk of my weight, I will purge the entire closet. No sense keeping things around that I might grow back into :-)


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      You guys inspire me! I have the opposite problem. A few years ago, I lost about 18 lbs using Shangri La oilshots and went from mid 150's to mid 130's. I stayed there for several years so most of the clothes in my closet are for the 135-140 range. Then about 2 years ago, menopause hit with a vengeance and weight loss has been just about impossible since. So there sits 75% of my closet contents, just a bit too small, and I live in about three pairs of pants. All the rest are about 10 lbs out of my reach.

      But I'm working on it!