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    I have been able to drop my lexapro, which I took mainly to offset the PMS. I even made it through the summer with my 10 and 12 year old, unmedicated and not terribly drunk. It is amazing how true the statement "you are what you eat" has become for me.

    Congrats to all the ladies who have made their lives easier by eating healthy, real food!
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      Originally posted by PHaselow View Post
      I'm so psyched. Unlike many of my perimenopausal friends, I am not ready to let my cycle go. It is a sign of health and vitality to me so I want to hang on to it. People think I'm crazy.
      I feel the same way


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        Hot flashes are gone here...Really
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          Originally posted by Hawk View Post
          I am 57. I have had hot flashes for five years. Since being very Paleo all summer, I have no hot flashes. I feel incredible. It is very likely that your hormones are evening out the way they should be. I am thrilled
          I'm 52, and suffered with messed-up & excessive cycles/hot flashes/sleeplessness, and totally random spacing, for 10 years. Ten. I was just waiting for menopause to actually happen.

          Now, I've gone at least three months with normal/scanty periods, evenly spaced (about 30 days between), and no PMS. No hot flashes. I can sleep. No more "diapers", regular pads handle it fine.

          I blame all the soy and GMO grain I was ingesting as a vegetarian/vegan. Funny thing, I went vegan as I thought it was the dairy hormones that were doing it. Well, it could have been part of it, and I still avoid straight milk... I do grass-fed butter, heavy cream (in small doses), and some cheeses (mostly full-fat, grass-fed, or raw (sheep) milk).

          No sign of difficulties, and I'm no longer hoping for menopause


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            Good thread. I used to suffer from the most debilitating periods. I never needed to track my periods as I could feel them coming at least three days in advance. Severe cramps, joint and back pain, nausea and other fun PMS syndromes, in addition to horrendous 1st and 2nd day periods (my periods used to last 6 days). I suspect that I suffered from endemetriosis.
            No joke, once I started eating Primally all that unpleasantness went away. To quote another poster, now my periods actually catch me by surprise. And they last only 4 days and the flow is not as heavy. I can't believe the difference!!! Even if I never lose another pound (and I've lost a lot), the fact that my painful periods are gone forever is enough to keep me eating Primally.