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  • Things Are Going GREAT!

    I've now been eating 100% primal for around 3 weeks and a couple of days. I've dropped from 86.9kg to 80.5kg today, and I can see the body changing almost every couple of days. Fat is melting off with little effort.

    I am using to track my macro intakes and make sure I am getting enough cals, but the whole thing is so easy. I expected to get to 83kg and things stall a bit, but it's rolling along great. I reckon there is another 3kg or so to get pretty lean, but then will just work on building muscle mass as I shed fat.

    I bought the Phinney book and set myself some macro levels per day - ends up at 160grms fat, 103 protein, and 40grms of carb for a total of 2000cals, just for now, but I am sure I could eat more. I exercise quite a bit and went for .7 grms protein per 1kg of lean body mass, not sure if that should be a little higher for muscle growth and maintenance? I'm 6'2" tall, 44 years old, and now sitting on 80.9kg.

    Once I get the fat off, I'll probably forget the measuring, just seems to work well for now

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    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      Great job!
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