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  • Originally posted by jazmin View Post
    InsaneGrok! Down 65lb!?! WOW! That is such a transformation. You are looking GOOD!!! Not to mention 10y younger...
    thanks, i'm only 27, so hopefully i just look like that now (journal)


    • Originally posted by Primal Fist View Post
      Yes he has, but will he always be known as 'fruit guy'? Or just 'that guy who looks a bit like Peter Petrelli in his second 'before' photo'?
      Fruit guy
      I'm a quitter...but I'm back now.


      • Originally posted by Canarygirl View Post
        Fruit guy
        ***Throws watermelon at Canarygirl...


        • Originally posted by YumYamRunRam View Post
          ***Throws watermelon at Canarygirl...
          I gots a rotten pumpkin iffin ya want it

          My MDA journal

          Primal Ponderings- my blog- finally added some food pron :P

          And best of all my Body Fat Makeover!!


          • Figured I'd stop trolling and actually introduce myself.

            On my SAD, I managed to go from 6'3", 250-->185 lbs over 10 months with calorie counting and a lot of exercise, but my body couldn't maintain that weight and I ended up sticking at 200 lbs (17% body fat) for the last 2.5 years. I kept at 200 lbs while trying to lose more weight, but no matter how much exercise and calorie counting I did, my weight just stuck. I falsely hoped it was because I was replacing fat with muscle, but deep down I knew better.

            I read Loren Cordain's book, found this site, and I just finished my second complete month as Paleo/Primal (I cut out dairy too, so I'm not sure I can call myself Primal). Without changing my exercise regime one bit, I have managed to drop to a very healthy looking 183 (11.3% body fat) in merely 2 months. I figure my weight loss will slow down, but it hasn't yet, and I haven't counted a single calorie, nor have I ever left myself hungry. I've trusted in the system, and the results have been phenominal.

            Now at 6'3", 200 lbs isn't grossly overweight, but given my 6 workouts/week, I was always dismayed at how much belly fat I had. Knowing the science behind diet, and how unhealthy my SAD was, I'm actually shocked that I wasn't gaining more weight. Needless to say, this is my lifestyle for...well, life!

            My wife was quite skeptical at the start (well frankly she still thinks my cholesterol is likely off the charts high, so I'm going to get tested to prove her wrong), but after 2 months of awesome results she's talking about maybe trying what I do. Hopefully she can, I'm a cold-turkey kind of guy where she's a more 80/20 kind of girl (that turns into 50/50, then eventually 20/80). Either way I've been conscientious to not rag on her about her food and just let us make our own choices.

            Here are some pics to gawk at my transformation. Given I wasn't obese before, they may not seem miraculous, but to me they are everything I could have hoped for and more. This is only 2 months for me and I can't wait to see how I'll look in 2 more.

            I didn't grab a day 0 pic, but I was 202 lbs and ~17% bf

            11 days primal
            196 lbs
            15% bf
            09-13-2010 -- 11 da.jpg09-13-2010 -- 11 da.jpg


            • 10/2/2010
              1 month primal
              189 lbs
              12.9% bf
              10-2-2010 -- 1 mon&#1.jpg10-2-2010 -- 1 mon&#1.jpg

              2 months primal
              183 lbs
              11.3% bf
              11-2-2010 -- 2 mon&#1.jpg11-2-2010 -- 2 mon&#1.jpg


              • Originally posted by AnarchoGrok View Post
                Here it is........ Started April 01, 2010 at 400 Pounds. Now 330. 70 Pounds off and I feel so much better. I am still going strong with my change of life style although I think the next few months will be a much bigger challenge. My next goal is 299 so I can say I am under 300 pounds. Now to the Photos.........

                As someone who broke that 300 mark myself I can tell you it's a nice feeling my friend. Let's just make sure we never get back there again (I am confident that you will do it). I started at 375 in Jan. and I'm down to 260 with such little effort its almost funny. The best part about breaking the 300 mark will be when people you haven't seen in a long time don't recognize you. Keep it up.


                • On my way to Viking.

                  Here is today's update:
                  So, I'm not weighing in as weekly, but this happens to be the 7 month point since I have tried to shift to a more evolutionary style of eating.
                  So. let us lay out the data.
                  April 1st: 216lbs 33.8%BF (started Primal on April 3rd)
                  August 5th: 196lbs 30.5%BF
                  October 15th: 197 and 30.8%BF
                  November 4th: 195lbs 30.3%BF (7 months into Primal)

                  I've dropped 3.5%BF, and have dropped some 20-25lbs and seem to be getting fitter.
                  My weight training is improving nicely, and i'm having 'iron fun' at the YMCA.
                  I'm adding a bit more physical exercise, and have begun taking some magnesium supplements in addition to eating (MMMM) Real Food.
                  Also, had to tuck the floppy end of my belt into my pocket... belt trimming ahoy!


                  • Nice work Adam Crafter!
                    Strive for healthy today.

                    Satisfaction is the death of desire.


                    • You're both doing great guys!


                      • Originally posted by Adam Crafter View Post
                        Here is today's update:

                        Dammit man, how 'bout a little less modesty, and a little more context??? I actually dug back through this monster thread just to find it:

                        Well done, you magnificent bastard.


                        • Originally posted by Roo View Post
                          Oh, honey . . . your words may come back to bite you in the ass (or rather, abs). There are many reasons women can't get their bodies back after pregnancy. Here are a few:

                          1) Multiples: Mothers of twins and higher can tell you that no matter how lean you are, gaining 30 to 40 pounds centered in your abdomen in 6 months will stretch the skin and it may not ever spring back. Most moms of multiples have a flap of stretched skin that only a tummy tuck will fix.

                          2) Diastasis: This is a separation that can occur in the abdominal muscles during pregnancy. It is fixable, but it requires specific exercises with precise form. Very difficult for most women to achieve.

                          3) Hormones: Especially for older moms, hormones can be thrown out of whack by a pregnancy. Some women need progesterone, thyroid meds, or other hormones, and those who don't fix their hormones are doomed to a flabby belly no matter how they eat.

                          4) Age: I can tell you from experience that having a child at 32 and having a child at 40 are two different experiences. The older you are when you give birth, the more likely it is that your skin is not elastic enough to spring back into shape. I am 5'7", 136 pounds. Very toned legs, fantastically muscular arms. . . and a poochy belly that drives me nuts and does not respond to exercise, and is certainly not "made in the kitchen".

                          Okay. . . .I'm stepping off my soapbox now. Just wanted to stick up for all the moms here who follow the Primal lifestyle to the tee yet are still struggling.
                          Thankfully missed the original quote, lol. 3 kids in 3 years has done irreparable damage to this body that will only be fixed with surgery. Whacked up hormones that only started happening in my mid-20's did a number on this body and mind as well. It's not as simple as misathemeb wants it to be.


                          • Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
                            MalPaz! Did you realize your skin is so healthy now that it glows? This makes me very happy.


                            • Originally posted by bUMbLeB View Post
                              Dammit man, how 'bout a little less modesty, and a little more context??? I actually dug back through this monster thread just to find it:

                              Well done, you magnificent bastard.
                              You got me.... the name of this thread is Before and after pics... I should show them both.

                              First I lost about 30lbs with exercise and IF.
                              Then, having got 'stuck' I switched to Primal and lost another 25.


                              • Nice work, men! Thanks for the inspiring pics!!

                                Now, ladies - say what you will about babies doing "irreparable damage," but I know many, many women who have had 6, 8, 10, even 12 children, usually finishing up in their early to mid forties, and the majority of them are thin and have no sagging skin. Now, if they had an aspiration to be bikini models, that might need a little help from the plastic surgeon, but they're not walking around with belly pooches, floppy skin, and all that. In the everyday clothes I see them in (no, we're not talking muu-muus), they look great - and so can you, and so can I!

                                As for me, I have 5 and haven't reached my goals yet, so I'll be sure to share them when (the Lord willin') I do, but I tend to look at any changes I attribute to my children (which don't include my belly & fat, b/c bread did that) as the signs that I'm not a maiden, but a mother, and for me, that has changed who I am inside and out, permanently, for the better. FWIW, I fixed my diastasis 5 times simply with the exercises mentioned in the What To Expect... books (well, I just did it very casually and w/o any specific exercises the last two times). It'll be interesting to see what's left at the end of this journey, to be sure, but if I look half as good as the mothers of many that I know, I'll be thrilled!
                                5'4" 39yo mother to five sweeties & married to their AMAZING DaddyGrok
                                Current Weight: 175lb__________________________________Goal: 135lb
                                Deadlift: 240lb________________________________________Back Squat: 165lb
                                Bench: 130lb__________________________________________Pre ss: 85lb
                                ***Winning a 20-year war against binge eating disorder***