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  • I am SO inspired! You guys are awesome! I really hope this time next year I'll be ripped... I'll just keep working away at it! Here's a link to my before and after pics:!


    • Erica, wow! Nice deltoids...How long did it take for your transformation?
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      • before: old pic (2001?) at my highest weight on the right (145-150lb at 5'4)

        and me 2 days ago at the beach: (115lbs i'm the happiest i've EVER been about my body not too bony (i once dipped to 107 but looked gross) but not too thick IMHO

        and i am actually seeing some abs! wtf! must keep working core!

        no longer walking in shame at the beach


        • Originally posted by superdeluxe View Post
          Erica, wow! Nice deltoids...How long did it take for your transformation?
          About a year, I have definitely made it my lifestyle and I never plan to go back. The delts are from boxing
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          • Misathemeb, Wow! 115 suits you fine.


            • JStrick, WOW!! really do look like a different person.
              Feanor, very impressive work!
              Erica, do you have a permit for those guns? Sorry for the cheesy joke…just seemed fitting. You look great.
              misathemeb… there a way I can make a smiley face with drool?


              • 2005 - 2010

                255lbs to 145 in under 2 years, the following years have been a learning of nutrition, science and exercise dynamics.


                • Misathemeb - Hubba Bubba! hot body! what a transformation! I can see your abs as well. great job


                  • Bolivar,
                    Are you sure that is the same person? ;-)
                    What an incredible difference.


                    • Wow - Amazing last few days here!

                      MalPaz - from those last pics, I think you've crossed the line. You do not look in those as if you have or have had an ED. Way to Grok it, woman!! Keep it up!

                      Erica - fabulous tone, wow!

                      longnameIcan'trememberthatendsinmeb - beautiful! You truly look like the model for that swimsuit. I'm very inspired b/c I'm 5'4", too, and always have that nagging fear that my skin won't bounce back. You & so many others here have proven that weight loss after a gain doesn't have to mean droopiness.


                      And the last one, the face shot - truly astounding difference. Smile.
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                      • thank you everyone, so sweet!

                        @bolivar wow what a transformation! that is some serious hard work you did!

                        @mamagrok: i wasn't at the high weight (145-150lb) very long mom freaked out when she saw me after a year of college, my weight had always been 120-125lb. i immediately started chronic cardio and came down to 130 in a month (thanks crash dieting) and then i couldn't lose any for a long time. it wasn't until primal that i broke the under 120 mark and now i'm at 115lb and holding because my mother thinks i'm too thin lol (they are never happy haha). my goals now are to continue developing my core strength and upper body strength
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                        • misathemeb - you look fantastic in that suit. GREAT work.


                          • Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
                            Misathemeb, Wow! 115 suits you fine.
                            Yeah. Going any lower would be counter productive. I'd say you are at your ideal bf percentage now.
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                            • I want to look like Erica please

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                              • Wow, I continue to be as we say in Maine "Wicked" impressed with all the transformations, congrats all!
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