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  • You are definitely the happiest motherf***er in this thread.

    (and nice progress!)


    • You are slowly turning into a viking.


      • This is the best thread, keep up the great work.
        Strive for healthy today.

        Satisfaction is the death of desire.


        • Amazing Progress mandabear!! I remember seeing your pictures when I started in February and you have made even more progress! Congratulations, lookin great!!
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          • Originally posted by Adam Crafter View Post
            All Hail the Primal People,

            I was at my heaviest in April 2006 when I went to The Path class with Steve Barnes and Scott Sonnon, and was inspired to re-write my life into a happy story.

            It was April 2006, and I was size 46 and massed 260lbs. BF% unknown.

            Since then I've lost 60+lbs and 12 inches off of waist. Treating my life like all the parts MUST be in balance has been making steady improvements as I go, and I can't imagine why I would ever stop striving down the balanced and braided path... it is all finally coming together.

            I was still eating Conventionally, but I took up Intermittent Fasting and it started re-writing my body shape. It took me from size 46 to size 40. And then I got kinda stuck there.

            Then, you guessed it, while reading about variations on IF, i found that it was part of a greater Primal Blueprint scheme that made both great intuitive sense, and solid sense in terms of metabolism and biochemistry.

            I was working as a research assistant in a mitochondria-centric lab then, and was occasionally teased about how brainscans on certain groups of IF rats showed what was likely happening to my brain too.

            I started Primal on April 3rd, 2010 @ 216lbs 33.8%BF.

            I'm taking photos and weighing in every Thursday, unless I am on the road.

            August 5th: 196lbs 30.5%BF

            4 Months of Primal Progress:
            April 1st: 216lbs 33.8%BF
            (started Primal on April 3rd)
            April 8th: 212lbs 33.0%BF
            April 15: 211lbs 32.9%BF
            April 23: 210lbs 32.8%BF
            April 29: 209lbs 32.7%BF
            May 6th: 207lbs 32.4%BF
            May 13: 205lbs 32.2%BF
            May 20: 206lbs 32.0%BF
            May 27: 204lbs 32.0%BF
            June 3: 202lbs 31.5%BF
            June 10: 203lbs 31.7%BF
            June 17: 202lbs 31.2%BF
            June 24: 204lbs 31.9%BF
            July 1st: 201lbs 31.6%BF
            July 8th: 202lbs 31.6%BF
            July 15th: 203lbs 31.1%BF
            July 22nd: 202lbs 31.7%
            July 29nd: 200lbs 31.4%BF
            August 5th: 196lbs 30.5%BF

            So I'm down 20lbs, AND down 3.3%BF since April Fool's Day this year.
            Goal by wintertime: 180lbs, keeping and building muscle... Don't know what my BF will be at that point.

            I think I may be in the second stages of adaptation to the Primal Paleo Diet,
            if so, it may be even easier from now on to get more energy out of my adipose (m)ass.
            ...and in a another month or two:


            • aaaaaaaAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

              Jesus christ, my sides... MY SIDES!

              That is the post of the month right there.


              • Originally posted by MamaGrok View Post
                Wow!! Arms & gut look so much more comfy to live in, and you're an absolutely beautiful darlin' both before and after. Congratulations on such great progress - keep us posted with more photos!
                Yeah they do... i still feel a little akward with my body but I am sure it will start getting better... it already has started getting better. thanks!
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                • Originally posted by Mirrorball View Post
                  Have you lost 60 pounds so far, is that it? Wow, it made such a huge difference.
                  I KNOW! I am kinda shocked as well... I don't really have any clue what weight my body will decide to stay at when I get there I will let you guys know... i think it has been a lot of BF turned into Muscle Mass... idk tho I have never calibrated my body fat %... So ... your guess is as good as mine, I'm not complainin!
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                  • Originally posted by Athena View Post
                    Amazing Progress mandabear!! I remember seeing your pictures when I started in February and you have made even more progress! Congratulations, lookin great!!
                    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You look fantastic as well... I really love all the support I have found on this site... what an amazing network of people!
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                    • Originally posted by Bird Goddess View Post
                      Manda, you look great! Congrats on your progress. What kind of martial art do you study?
                      None--it was me being a goober one day at the fair... turned into the pic that changed my life--funny how that happens eh? I would love to get into martial arts sometime this fall or coming spring though depending on cost and my crossfit lifestyle! Thanks for the support!
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                      • You are slowly turning into a viking.
                        And here I was about to rate this as "Best Comment Ever" until I kept reading. Rivvin, cheapo, thank you!

                        And now for today's news, Bostonbully's pics are up now, so go back a page or two and check them out - great job!!!
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                        • Very inspiring, I'm going to take some pics today and weigh myself.


                          • Impressive results everyone!
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                            • Must practice my moves!
                              When I get that solid, I must dress that way for an After photo!
                              Last edited by Adam Crafter; 08-11-2010, 01:25 PM. Reason: new goal, photo op.


                              • Originally posted by Bostonbully View Post
                                The first pic is me with my grandmother Oct 2009. I was about 240 lb in this pic and when I started PB in Feb 2010 I was 253. I am 175-178 now and I still have a lower belly which drives me crazy but it is slowly going away. Sorry for the bad pics my camera phone sucks.
                                Fantastic! With those kinds of results I'm not sure how you aren't smiling in those pictures