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  • [QUOTE=cantare;1093832]OK, wasn't planning on an update just yet, but if it's this quiet, then what the hell. Sorry no shirtless flexing...wish I'd thought to take more full-length shots.

    i love the additional details in the photos... Great work!


    • thanks for the support guys
      SW 333 PBSW 308 CW 291 LW 254 GW 220


      • Originally posted by Adam Crafter View Post
        In progress update:

        Gained some back over the winter, Getting serious to banish it again.
        You're always so gorram happy; it's awesome!


        • Originally posted by AvatarAbe View Post
          You're always so gorram happy; it's awesome!
          Of course I'm happy, I had to learn how to fix the inside of my head before I 'let' myself fix my body.


          • Hoping someone who frequents this thread can help. I was browsing it about a year to 16 months ago and I remember a pic by a guy who I think was from Vermont. He was standing in a landscaped yard on some stone stairs where I think he had done the masonry himself. He had got some pretty great Primal results and was talking about a basic maintenance routine (like a scaled-back p90x) that he was using. I have searched this whole thread and can't find it. I know it's pretty vague and my memory could be wrong, but just taking a shot. Thanks!


            • Search Simplefit, his plan. Pretty sure that's who you are thinking of.


              • Thanks! Simplefit was what I was trying to find!


                • Originally posted by Timothy View Post
                  Ah, my favorite... a before and after pic thread! These have been a major factor in getting me motivated, especially when I was just starting. I hope we get lots of nice new pics this time around.

                  Here's a couple I haven't posted.

                  Before Primal:


                  After Primal:


                  This is so motivating to see, I am not 100% primal as of yesterday and really praying and hoping to see weight loss!! I have been slowly transitioning to Primal since January. That I mean if I ran out of rice I wouldnt buy no more and replace it with a primal ingredient or when I ran out of cooking oil I replaced it with coconut oil and so on.. I am excited to see the changes!


                  • Originally posted by Millersoontobelite View Post
                    [ATTACH=CONFIG]10923[/ATTACH]im nowhere near where i want to be, but figure id contribute. top left 330, top right 315, bottom left 300 bottom right 288. im 276 now
                    Thank you for contributing, and well done! When did you make the switch to primal? You've lost a considerable amount of weight, Miller, congratulations and keep on going!


                    • I lost 20 kilo's (44 lbs)

                      Before I ofcourse avoided any full body pictures, so this one is the best I have:
                      And my before face was very puffy:

                      Now this is my waistline (don't have a wall mirror so this will have to do)

                      And this is my face:


                      • Originally posted by Chendry View Post
                        Thank you for contributing, and well done! When did you make the switch to primal? You've lost a considerable amount of weight, Miller, congratulations and keep on going!
                        I was CW for about three months from august to halloween. i lost around 25 pounds in that time. at 308 on halloween i made the switch to primal and havent looked back. 271 now and trying to break through to the 260s this week
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                        SW 333 PBSW 308 CW 291 LW 254 GW 220


                        • Before (April 2011)
                          ~280 lbs, size 20W

                          Now (January 2013)
                          ~230 lbs, size 13

                          I lost a few inches since the last picture was taken - almost a pants size -, but didn't lose any weight.
                          I'm not relying on the scale anymore to track my progress, since I do a lot of heavy weightlifting and I'm definitely building muscle.
                          I take my measurements every month instead, it's way more reliable to me!
                          When I started weightlifting, doing 2 air squats was painful. After a year of training and 8-9 months of primal, my 1 rep max back squat is now 93 lbs!
                          I lost MANY inches everywhere, the most noticeable being my thighs : over 6 inches per leg!

                          Primal lifestyle helped me get rid of joint pain, asthma, seasonal allergies, depression and so much more! It gave me my life back.


                          • Recap after my first Whole30

                            Whole30 - Recap & Results - Living, Laughing & Losing | Living, Laughing & Losing


                            • Brilliant!


                              • This might be my first post, but I feel I simply must contribute since this thread was my bedtime reading/motivation for a few weeks. Thank you SO MUCH to all who posted. Seeing progress from the same people throughout the years, especially, reinforces that this is a journey, so I don't need to sweat the daily ups & downs as long as I keep on the journey.

                                I did a Whole30 with my husband from Dec 27 to Jan 26 & lost 12 lbs. In the 2 months since, I lost 10 more. I'm about 75/25, with minimal exercise recently added in (but definitely more than I used to do): squats, planks, and a bit more walking. Today marks 3 months, so I took pictures wearing the same "goal" dress as on Day 1.

                                Not a big difference, but I did buy a belt hole maker and have punched in 3 new holes since I started!

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