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  • I have been quite pleased with my progress so far this year. I have stuck pretty well to PB; and actually got back to the gym again (since May). I went on vacation for 3 weeks in June and I went off the rails a fair bit; and have really struggled in the 3 weeks since I got back. The bigger (work in progress) picture (sorry it's so big) was taken last Sunday: tomorrow I will get back on track. I will start to eat properly again, and start back at the gym.. I am really determined to get into the best shape I can by the end of 2012 – well that’s the plan.

    From this in January:

    To this (work in progress):

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    • Thanks for the support guys I hope the muscle gain and fat loss thing keeps up.

      Johnny, congrats! You look great!


      • Thanks kcarol; and your progress is just fantastic.

        This thread has been so inspirational to me this year – I’ve got 6 weeks to check back on


        • Wow Cantare, I am so impressed! My husband has a similar build he's 6' 2" and now down to 233, the lowest I've ever seen him and we've been married for 19 yrs.

          Do you ever hike in the Marin headlands? I also love Point Reyes; I have many fond memories hiking there, we lived in the East Bay and SF for 10 yrs. It's funny now that we live in a less populated area it's hard to find good places to hike.
          Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


          • Cantare, you are a new man. You look great!

            KCarol, gorgeous! I can't believe the difference in your body!

            Johnny, wow, congratulations. You are looking so good.
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            • Wow, you're doing great Johnny!!
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              • Originally posted by WeldingHank View Post

                I lurk, A LOT. I don't post much, but figured I'd at least put this up.

                I am not close to my target, but inching closer every day. On the left (august,2010), I was roughly 430lbs with type 2 diabetes (in that pic, I didn't know it yet). I didn't really start on the primal blueprint untill January 1st of this year. Before that I was mostly CW and lost some weight though hard fought (lost 40lbs in 2011 on CW, Lost 70+ This year alone) On the right(May 12, 2012), I am a 308lb Level 1 certified Krav Maga practicioner and no longer a diabetic. I currently weigh in at 295lbs. Just thought I would share.
                Remember me?

                I lost a few more since...


                • <my mom>You're wasting away to nothing!</my mom>

                  Keep up the good work, Hank!
                  I wish I liked to eat liver.


                  • Great job Hank, and nice carp!
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                    • Originally posted by aix_sponsa View Post
                      Great job Hank, and nice carp!
                      Thanks, although for that stretch of water, thats a baby.


                      • I remember seeing Hank's progress. He's doing. so. well. Keep it up.

                        Originally posted by KerryK View Post
                        KCarol, gorgeous! I can't believe the difference in your body!


                        • Originally posted by UniqueTII View Post
                          I am definitely in agreement with those of you who wish you had a pic from day 1, but I'm not going back to get one. I love seeing the improvements that everyone has made, so I'll post up my before and during as well:
                          This is what I looked like in 2011:

                          2011 by UniqueTII, on Flickr

                          This is what I looked like on 6/1/12, with the jeans I was wearing on 1/1/12:

                          5 months by UniqueTII, on Flickr

                          I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel great! My chronic and severe heartburn/reflux has gone away, I can think clearer, I have more energy, I'm getting my strength and stamina back, and so on...
                          2 months later, here's today's update:

                          7 months side by UniqueTII, on Flickr

                          My gut is gradually disappearing. I haven't been lifting much for the past 7 months but I just started a new routine yesterday and I can't wait to see what changes it will bring!
                          I wish I liked to eat liver.


                          • Amazing results everyone! Holy moly!
                            It never ceases to amaze me how big a change comes over so short a time for so many people here- even when I'm one of them!
                            Primal life is SO GOOD!
                            You don't have to be sick to get better.
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                            Primal start: 1/2/2012
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                            Living, loving and learning.


                            • Originally posted by cantare View Post
                              I suck at buying clothes, always want to bolt from the store after a couple of minutes.
                              HA! Me too! I get hives looking at clothes. I have nightmares from my back-to-school clothes shopping trips with my mom. "Go try these on", "Make sure they are loose so you grow into them", "Ma'am - Do you have these in HUSKY?" I still remember having to take out a hundred little pins to try on a stupid shirt. I think I only own 2 shirts with buttons right now, pocket T-Shirts rule!


                              • Everybody is looking good!

                                Thought I'd include an update, though it's nothing major. This is August of 2011:

                                This is June of 2012:

                                That's 10-15 lbs lost. I'm still working on all my fitness goals, but a recent re-dedication has resulted in great improvements in my push-up #s (on knees, still working on the core strength to handle a real one).
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